Just a general question about working out while on gear

  1. Just a general question about working out while on gear

    What's up fellas!

    So is it okay to work out twice a day while your on cycle. I'm sure it depends on the compound but I'm wondering is it a good idea even advisable to do? I mean with the help does anyone think you would be able to make better gains like this. I heard that some of the pros do this. They recover so fast they can literally do the same workout twice per day.

  2. no bro, you could not hit the same bodypart twice a day even on gear.... well you could but it would be overtraining - which can still occur even whilst on juice.

  3. overtraining is cns related and not muscularly, if you employ cluster training for example you can train full body twice a day. limiting factor would be joints and tendons mostly..

  4. If you dont work until failure then yes you could train twice a day, but WHY ?? Just hit it hard once and be done with it.

  5. Thanks everybody for the replies! I guess it would be overkill especially on the joints and tendons. I work out hard for around 2 hrs as it is. I just thought that with the extra "help" I could make crazy gains by training twice a day. Oh well....LOL



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