prop calculations

  1. prop calculations

    making some prop for a buddy of mine and it''s been a while so I just wanted someone to look over my calcualtions really quick


    12 weeks test only cycle
    150 mg EOD
    so that would be 4 injects one week three the next,
    that would make 42 injects for 12 weeks
    so 42 * 150 mg = 6,300 mg
    so I would need 6.3 grams of powder, so a 5c kit will do nicely

    i hope i'm tracking getting rusty on the mathamatics

  2. i believe the 5c kit is for about 9 grams, comes with 90 ml oil and gives a 100mg/ml ratio. with 6.3 grams , you could just use 63 ml of the oil and it would end up with a 100mg/ml ratio. someone fix me if im wrong. also, if you want a lower concentration, just use more oil and it will bring down the mg's/ml. so i guess, simply yes...5c not the 10c

  3. yep that goes right along with what I was thinking it just seemed like my calculations were off for some reason but i guess just imagining things

    now just gotta wait for the eb solubolizer and i'm ready to go

    thanks for your help i appreiciate it,,,,

  4. no prob bro, i know i had the same question when i made my first batch....which is what im on now

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