1-AD/4-AD....Looking for Dosage Recommendations

  1. 1-AD/4-AD....Looking for Dosage Recommendations

    Bought to try this stack. I recently did a cycle of 1-AD by itself, and it worked GREAT. I was using 400mg/day for 8 weeks. Works great, zero side effects, and kept almost everything.

    Anyway, looking to do 400-500mg/day on the 1-AD again, but how much 4-AD for a safe level?


  2. define 'safe level'?

  3. If you are looking for increased gains, you can probably take 300-400mg of 4-AD ed. As DR.D implied, safety is inversely proportional to how much you take. Incidentally, are you planning to take the 4-AD as a transdermal (more effective) or oral?

  4. Oral....

    Safe as in nothing rediculous like some guys take. I've seen upwards of 1000mg of 1-AD taken a day. That is NOT safe to me

    I plan on taking 500mg/day of 1-AD, just curious on 4AD dosages when stacked with 1-AD

  5. I would recommend a cycle of 1AD/600mg and 4AD/900mg taken in divided doses three times a day for 6 weeks and followup a post cycle using 6OXO. This should be very effective.



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