Test Flu..Again? WTF

  1. Test Flu..Again? WTF

    Ok, Ive started my second cycle recently. Its a moderate cycle, nothing crazy.

    1-5 20mg Dbol (low on purpose)
    1-12 500mg/wk ICN Galenika
    I also front loaded 750mg the first week.

    Anyway, about week 4 I'm hit with these cold/flu like symptoms out of nowhere. I feel like ****, runny nose, congestion, head hurts - just generally ****ty like I caught a cold or something.

    The messed up thing is the Exact same thing happened to me on my first cycle a year ago (which was the same besides dbol). Around week 4 or 5 I got hit with this same **** but it only lasted a week or so. At the time, I thought it was probably just a legit virus but I was aware of Test/Sust Flu and some people getting it. I thought it was fairly uncommon though.... Now Im not so sure - Im getting the exact same thing around the same time the blood levels are starting to peak. I guess it could just be a coincidence but I find it somewhat unlikely twice and at the same time like that.

    Most people don’t experience it, I don’t know why I do. I'm like 5'11 201lb so im not a “small? guy. I dont get sick often and like to think im healthy. Its odd that I would get Test Flu every single time like this. I guess everyone reacts different though...
    Anyhow, last time I just kept eating/drinking and took about 4 days off from the gym but I got right back in after that and made great gains on a good cycle. So I plan on doing the same this time - I already feel better.
    That which does not kill us makes us stronger - Friedrich Nietzsche

  2. Actually, you are wrong on that most people don't experience it.. from what I have seen, quite a few people do get some "cold" like symptoms. IMO it has got to do with the supression of the immune system but that topic can be debated for sure. And I have a feeling you front-loaded last time also.. so that might be it, but just try to work through it and it will get better..

  3. I always thought Test or "Sust Flu" was caused by your body's reaction - a natural defense mechanism - to the sudden increase in exogenous hormone levels. Its the body's way of trying to "flush" out the foreign entity it perceives is there (just as it does w/ a flu virus). Also, I have read that when using mexvet with super High BA this can also cause immune problems in and of itself. With ICN this isnt really a factor.

    immune supression in such a short period of time? it doesnt seem to make sense - the test is just starting to hit peak concentrations too....

    Can anyone else clear up the specifics on Test/Sust Flu? Am I way off here?

    Update: I posted this same question on various boards. Look at this moron telling me to take antibiotics. I really kind of flamed him but I just wasnt in the mood for extremely stupid people. Its good for a laugh.... I just had to share.

    "ok, lets make it simple...When your sick the Doc gives you antibiotics right? Same thing applies, your sick so the Doc gives you antibiotics...no different
    make sense? " lol No, it doesnt

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    That which does not kill us makes us stronger - Friedrich Nietzsche

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