Need to get hungry!

  1. Need to get hungry!

    What do you guys do to stay eating on M1T? It's my second day and it killed my appetite. I don't remember this happening last time though. My stomach is always growling but it's so hard to force food down!

    Is there any supplementation to help me out? Or do I just have to force feed myself for these next two weeks?

  2. You could try taking B-complex pills twice a day.

  3. vitamin b12 shots are pretty handy to increase appetite.

  4. i never had a problem . in fact i could'nt get enough to eat

  5. 1,4 andro may be worth looking at.

  6. Quote Originally Posted by Iron Warrior
    1,4 andro may be worth looking at.
    yeah - but it takes a long time to kick in.


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