Androhard/Turinabol LV stack need suggestions

  1. Androhard/Turinabol LV stack need suggestions

    Trying to think up a stack to run this summer and I'm pretty positive that this is going to be it. Like this:

    Androhard wks 1-6 (500mg/day)
    Turinabol LV wks 1-6 (100mg/day) ??? what do ppl usually run the Turinabol LV at dose wise?

    PP's TRS maybe? Unless someone thinks I should do something different. I can get Torem, etc...

    Support Supps:
    Liver Juice
    Organice Vitaberry

    (missing anything?)

    As far as diet I will be eating lots of chicken, veggies, and carbs from fruits and complex sources. I just got a Juiceman Jr. or whatever they are to make some fruit/veggie shakes or whatever.

    Comments and suggestions wanted please, thanks

  2. No one has anything to say?

  3. i am curious also . not much on pp's site yet either.
  4. UKStrength
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    Hey mate,

    Your stack looks nice and the combination of Turinabol LV and AndroHard should produce some awesome lean gains

    100mg/day would be an acceptable dose for Turinabol, two 1.5ml doses a day would yield 90mg/day total compound. However, is this your first cycle?

    PCT with the testosterone recovery stack would be excellent, toremifene would make a nice addition if you're worried about oestrogen-related sides.

  5. looks good to me. Id add Sustain Alpha as part of PCT to boost recovery.
    and maybe t-911 to help with labido also.

  6. Quote Originally Posted by RAHHH View Post
    looks good to me. Id add Sustain Alpha as part of PCT to boost recovery.
    and maybe t-911 to help with labido also.
    Sustain Alpha is included in the TRS isn't it?
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  7. turinabol ive seen a pretty generic schematic-50/75/75/75/75/75

    Id say add arginocarn to upregulate testosterone receptor sites. Its cheap and effective.

  8. Subbed; this should be a good stack.

    100mg of H-Drol or Turinabol is the maximum that you generally would want to take. Turinabol seems to be more potent than H-Drol/Halodrol/etc clones too, so I would start with no more than 50mg/day (split across 2 doses) of the Turinabol LV for week 1.

    I'd stay at 60-75mg/day range for weeks 2 and 3 and only go up to 100mg/day if you aren't getting good results at 75mg/day. More is not always better with steroids, and Turinabol is a good example. Even with the standard Halodrol clones, the dosing sweetspot seemed to 75mg/day (and no more than 100mg/day). Given that the Turinabol LV logs so far seem to indicate that it is noticeable more potent than the pill/capped Halodrol clones, I don't think you will need to use 100mg/day. If you do, then I would wait and only go up to that higher dose for the last 2 weeks of the cycle.

    Like someone said above, 50/75/75/75/75/75 is pretty typical. I think you will be impressed with the results from that.

    Also bear in mind how much Turinabol LV is in a bottle when you decide on your dosing scheme (if you only plan to use 1 bottle). I think you will need 2 bottles of AndroHard to run it for 6 weeks, and I would run it at the full dose.

    The TRS + torem citrate 40mg/day for 4 weeks is what I would do for PCT myself. The TRS alone will probably be fine, but as mentioned (I think), it is good to have some torem handy anyway in case you start having estrogen issues.

    Support supps:

    Don't forget 5g/day of taurine to prevent back and calf cramps/pumps from the Turinabol LV.

    Also, I'd recommend 4g/day of high quality fish oil (I use SAN Triple Strength Fish Fats but whatever you want) for joint support, BP support, and triglyceride support.

    If you are prone to BP (blood pressure) problems, you might want to have some hawthorne berry extract handy and dose at 1g/day if needed. Some people get mild-moderate elevations in BP from Halodrol and Turinabol LV and similar. Ideally, you would check your BP at some point on cycle to confirm the need for HBE before bothering to take it. Anyway, it is cheap and readily available.

    You might consider a good joint support supplement too as Turinabol + AndroHard is going to be a relatively dry cycle. I use GLC 2000 + Celadrin/MSM. Super Cissus RX and Animal Flex are also good.

  9. Great advice and info, thanks to everyone so far. As far as diet, my goal is to recomp. I'm 5'10" 175lbs. Any suggestions on diet and macros?

  10. Would the Turinabol have any negative effect on the DHT effect of Androhard? Or cause the effects of Androhard to be weakened..?

  11. stack looks good for a cut, but try the turinabol around 60-75mg at first, due to its potency in the LV form, i think the TRS should be fine, but maybe another test booster if youd like, although a lot of people on here love their SERM

  12. I just finished my 4th week of AH/Turinabol stack, and it is by far the best cycle I have ever ran. I wish it could last forever, and I mean that to the max. I have some pictures on a thread I have at PP
    . For my pct I will be running tcf-1, and the trs stack. After pct, I will continue using the trs and sustain alpha 5 days on two off. I will do that for about two or three months, then do the AH/Turinabol cycle again. The second time around, I will run the AH at 6 and the turinabol at 2.5.

  13. ABN Ranger...respect bro!! Very impressive transformation. Did you run the stack for 4 weeks total? If so, what supplements were you taking the two months prior to these photos from when the first photos were taken.

  14. I'm curently on week 3 of androhard/turinabol stack I'm up 5lbs and down 3% bf. I think you'll be very happy once you start. I'm taking the androhard 2, 5ml doses split 12hrs apart and I'm taking the turinabol at 2, 2mls the same way. As far as strenght haven't made any crazy gains, but the recomp effects of this stack are sick! I'm also running sustain alpha two days on 5 days off. You might want to do something similar. Best of luck bro! check out unreal's guide to recomp thread for your diet questions

  15. Quote Originally Posted by saggy321 View Post
    ABN Ranger...respect bro!! Very impressive transformation. Did you run the stack for 4 weeks total? If so, what supplements were you taking the two months prior to these photos from when the first photos were taken.
    Thanks for the props. I am still running the stack, and I have two more weeks to run it. You lost me in that question, lol. But let me try to answer any way. The first three photos (yeah the fat ones, lol), I had come off an epi/mass fx cycle. I gained strength, and weight, but not the kind of weight I wanted. So after pct, I started taking CLA, L-Carnitine, and oxy elite pro. I only took the OEP for about a week, then stopped, I hated not feeling like eating. Even while on AH/Turinabol, I was taking CLA and L-carnitine for the first three weeks till they both ran out. Now all I take are AH/Turinabol, ASGT, Andraulic Pump, BC+ECAA, Creapure (PP), bulk bata alanine, fish oil, super cissus rx, selenium, and multivitamins. I hope I answered your question, if not, my apologies.


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