anyone use Dzine

  1. anyone use Dzine

    before the supplement ban in january I purchased a load of pplex and xtren. I was digging through my stash last night and apparently someone shipped me a dzine in my order because I never ordered any. Does anyone have any experiences with it. What is good dosing and what are some stacking options. This year is all about fat loss and recomp for me. I have experience with phs, mainly used superdrol, and epi. Have used xtren but makes me very lethargic.

  2. From the TS site:

    Superdrol vs Dymethazine

    Dymethazine is nearly identical to Superdrol, except itís two (as opposed to one) superdrol molecules attached to each other, now based on this you may be thinking that Dzine is twice as powerful as Superdrol, this is not the case. Your bodies stomach acid separates these two molecules prior to absorption, so it becomes a single molecule just with two potential pathways, despite this difference Superdrol remains the more powerful compound.

    The one advantage that Dymethazine has over Superdrol is the less likelihood of side effects or in the event of side effects being present theyíre typically more manageable with dZine/dymethazine. Donít take this as it being side-effect free, Dymethazine is an incredibly potent compound and carries the same risks as any other powerful anabolic steroid or pro-hormone.

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