compounds and hairloss

  1. compounds and hairloss

    does anyone have a link to a chart or some info which describes which compounds effect hairloss the most significantly....

    And while your at it, from personal experience how would you rate the following in terms of hair loss degree.

    I think my worst experience was with Havoc.

    Havoc - 9/10 (highly dangerous for your hairline)

    Test E -
    Deca -
    Dbol -

  2. i think a chart like this would be good too.

    Havoc was havoc on my hair also - make it thin out a bit

  3. My brother and I were on Tren at the same time and we both stopped bc it was thinning our hair. I'd rather have a full head of hair and look like a fatty then be bald and jacked.

  4. Every one is different. I noticed the most after an epi cycle, but didn't notice anything on Tren. H-drol was very mild on my hairline. The more androgenic compounds are usually the culprits.

  5. There is a chart that is stickied to the top of the anabolic section, that shows almost all compounds and there anabolic to androgenic ratios. Hair loss is attributed to highly androgenic compounds, so check it out and the ones that are higher in androgenic affects id stear clear of.



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