Starting my 2nd cycle of Havoc

  1. Starting my 2nd cycle of Havoc

    Let me introduce myself. I've been lifting for 4 years now, ran my first cycle of havoc back in january, did a fairly good job of PCT with tamoxifen however i lost a bit more muscle during PCT than I had in mind. (i now weigh around 164lbs, @ 5ft9)

    so going to start another havoc cycle during the month of may

    dosing will be

    20mg for the first 3 days, then 30mg for everyday afterwards.

    cycle will last 4 weeks.

    pre-cycle I will be taking liver support

    during cycle i will be using
    DHEA (my libido went WAY down last time)

    PCT is tamoxifen & liver support
    40/30/20/10 for the month of june

    does this look good? does anyone have any advice for a semi-newb?

  2. no inputs?

  3. Preload on cycle support, hawthorn berry is was needs to be preloaded for it to have full effectiveness. I guess you can preload on liver support if you want, it wont hurt but I usually wait until a couple days before cycle starts and thrown in Liv52.

    PCT looks OK, just add a test booster/AI in at day 15 of pct and run it throughout. Week 3 is usually when its toughest to keep your gains. I am weeks into pct of havoc myself and have gained an additional 2lbs. Maybe throw in some bulk mono to help keep your gains in pct.

    Also, you said you lost a lot of muscle after your previous cycle, make sure you keep your diet and training the same as it was during cycle for ATLEAST a month after. A lot of people go straight into a cut from cycle, makes no sense. Give your body time to get use to having the additional mass.

  4. what testosterone booster would you guys recommend?

    and what is bulk mono?

  5. creatine monohydrate

  6. Quote Originally Posted by dusty View Post
    creatine monohydrate
    i have a tub of creatine left from my last bulking cycle, would any creatine work or is there a specific kind i should look into?

  7. if its a brand name creatine then it probly has a few other types in it as well. i prefer just picking up bulk creatine monohydrate and using it. i dont like getting all the sugars in the brand name ones.

  8. Yeah man any creatine will work. Anything to help solidify your gains, if you have a pre workout throw that in too. The creatine has nothing to do with actual hormonal balance, just to try to hold on to every pound youve gained.

    As for test boosters, there are a ton...look into the search toolbar and see what other people have used and had positive results with. Ive heard recycle by purus labs is solid but yet to try it.

  9. micronized creatine monohydrate cost like two more bucks but its well worth it. it mixes easier and absorbs quicker.

    Also, consider running it for 5 weeks???

  10. Quote Originally Posted by justeat View Post
    micronized creatine monohydrate cost like two more bucks but its well worth it. it mixes easier and absorbs quicker.

    Also, consider running it for 5 weeks???
    Ok, will look into that next cycle, i've got this big tub of creatine stashed i'll probably use this too, also have some NO booster and tons of whey left.

    well, 4 weeks works out perfectly for me since its easier to keep track, start at the beginning of the month, stop at the end, that way theres no guess work which day of cycle or PCT im on (just look at the calendar), plus I have a vacation booked up at the end of june and i'd like my PCT to be done with by then.

    thanks for the tips so far guys.


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