M4OHN cycle length/dosage

  1. M4OHN cycle length/dosage

    I am thinking of doing a M4OHN cycle later this summer, and was wondering if 4 weeks is long enough to run. I weigh around 200lbs, have done several ph cycles and am getting ready to start a M1T/4ad cycle in about a week. If I ran the M4OHN at 5mg/day for 4 weeks would that be enough? Or would it be better to run around 8mg/day, and maybe run upwards of 6 weeks on length? From what I have read, it sounds like it is fine to run this alone without stacking with 4ad.

  2. I dont see why it would be a problem, however i think youll want to run it longer after being on it.

  3. Would 5mg/day produce good results, or is it just going to be a trial and error type of thing. I respond well to ph's, and before I do this M4ohn cycle, i will only have done one cycle of methyls.

  4. I was thinking of running 9mg for 4 weeks in Aug.

  5. Quote Originally Posted by Designer Supps
    I dont see why it would be a problem, however i think youll want to run it longer after being on it.
    so you think a 6-8 week cycle would be alright for m4ohn?

  6. I dont have any blood work back yet to say definetly if it would or would not but I dont see a problem with a 6-8 week cycle. it seems to be very mild, the biggest question would probably be how it effects the lipid profile, normally cholesterol is out of whack while on, but as you can see with M1T it gets really bad.

    But i dont think it will effect it that bad, MD has been really mild as well as you can see if Super Soliders blood work.


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