Got some Epi and bad joints

  1. Got some Epi and bad joints

    Hi everyone!
    I am back after a long time, I dealt with a rotator cuff partial tear for a WHILE. Thankfully, my shoulder healed with a combination of rest, not doing shoulders at all when I did work out, and tons of icing! I did take glucosamine, Cissus etc etc but honestly I don't think it helped all that.
    I started working out about 2 months ago again and guess what??? I now have a bad elbow (inner side), hurt it going heavy on the biceps. I can do e/thing except for biceps and triceps; unless I do them inverse. I got an MRI and there are no tears, just inflammation. I had gotten some Epistane but never got to use it. Should I just get some deca and mix it with some Test E and hope my joints get a lil happier? A friend at the gym told me that he once had the same problem and that Deca fixed it. He said that as far as there are no tears that the Deca shouldn't make the problem worse but rather help with lubing etc etc

  2. deca for joints.. nothing better... gh will help but.. damn thats a pricey investment... u could look into igf.. althought the jurys still out on it... my friend had a torn laberum or something like that.. after his surgery he ised igf and said he felt it helped alot

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