Transdermals and Moisturizers

  1. Transdermals and Moisturizers

    I was wondering if moisturizers would interfere with transdermals, I am getting ready for a comp so to help my tan I usually apply moisturizer after I get out of the shower, but I also wanted to use a transdermal in my pre contest stack and I would also want to apply that when I get out of the shower, any advice or input?


  2. I tan as well. What I do is try to time things so that I minimize interupting the PH application. Here is what I do:
    PH @ 5AM
    PH @ 9AM
    Tan @ 11AM
    PH @ 1PM
    Shower @ 5PM
    PH @ 5:30PM

    I just rotate application sights if one starts looking too dry.

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