what the heck is BEASTDROL?

  1. what the heck is BEASTDROL?


  2. Google search and 5 seconds finds you this.

    What is Beastdrol?

    Beastdrol is a true a anabolic steroid. It originally hit the market known as Superdrol, which has been discontinued due to pressure from the FDA. It is NOT a pro-hormone. It is a derivate of dihydrotestosterone. More specifically, it is a methylated version (for oral bioavailability) of the anabolic steroid Masteron.

    Here is the chemical structure of Masteron:

    2 alpha, methyl-17B-hydroxy-5 alpha-androstan-3-one


    2 alpha, 17a-Dimethyl-17B-hydroxy-5 alpha-androstan-3-one

    Clearly, the only difference here is the 17a-methly addition to the structure to make it orally bio-available.

    Equally, if you apply that same 17 alpha-alkylated to Equipoise (Equipoise - boldenone undecylenate - ), you get Dianabol - methandrostenolone - .

    What kind of results can I expect from Beastdrol?

    Beastdrol is extremely powerful. It will produce subsantial increases in lean muscle tissue and strength. Many people report getting better gains in lean mass and strength with Beastdrol than with any other oral steroid, with the exception of the strength from Anadrol. Though, the dose use with Anadrol is usually 100mg or higher, when a 30mg dose of Beastdrol is comparable.

    The actual amount of muscle and strength gained is unable to be determined. There are too many factors that go into a training and diet regimen to accurately tell anyone how much strenght and size they will gain. It is safe to say though, you will not be disappointed.

    The type of gians that come from beastdrol are all lean. There is no bloat, and nice increases vascularity are often reported.

    Do I need PCT - post cycle therapy - with Beastdrol?

    YES!!!!!!!!!!! A full PCT - post cycle therapy - is always reccomended when using steroids.

    What sides can I get from Beastdrol?

    Headaches, lethargy, acne, aggresion, high blood pressure (HBP), thinning of the hair, and a decline in healthy cholesterol levels.

    These are typical of any other steroid. I personally don't get any side effects other than HBP on Beastdrol.

    Do I need an aromatase inhibitor (aromatase inhibitor) when using Beastdrol?

    Typically, no you do not. Beastdrol will not convert to estrogen, and in fact it will do the opposite to estrogen levels. When doing PCT - post cycle therapy - , it is always wise to have one handy just in case. But I have yet to hear of someone needing an aromatase inhibitor with Beastdrol.

    Will taking Beastdrol give me gynecomastia?

    No, it will not.

    Is Beastdrol liver toxic?

    Yes, it is. You should always use a liver supplement when using methylated oral steroids.

    Many people say it is more toxic than other steroids. I find this to be unproven in every way you look at it. There is no study ever given or shown that proves Beastdrol is any more toxic than any other common oral steroid.

    I'm under 21, should I use Beastdrol?

    No. In fact, IMO, you should not use any steroid or hormonal product if you are under 21.

    What dose should I take?

    Typical dose ranges between 10-40mg.

    I suggest the first timer to use 20mg. I don't see the point of running less than that.

    I don't suggest even the most advanced user to ever go over 40mg, though it can be done safely. I trust those with lots of experience and knowledge of steroids will make a responsible choice. An absolute max dose would be 50mg, but only for someone who is extremely well developed and experienced. Expect lots of side effects in high doses.

    How long can I cycle it for?

    The standard length seems to be 4 weeks or 30 days.

    6 weeks can be done safely. There's no need to go over that.

    Should I taper my dose up?


    I don't know why people still have the notion that you should taper doses with orals, just because it is legal. It's pointless. Pick a dose, and run it the entire time you are on cycle.

  3. Simplifing the privior post, beastdrol a.k.a superdrol

  4. Quote Originally Posted by Broly View Post
    Simplifing the privior post, beastdrol a.k.a superdrol
    Then he would ask you what superdrol was.

  5. Then I tell him to do a little search here in this forum about superdrol

  6. man i know WTF superdrol is loll
    i just saw a diff chem name on another side for this product and i did not recognize it.

  7. that's the problem with many companies, they use an alternative chemical name to an usual steroid and them make it look like it's something totaly new and it's the "holly steroid from bodybuilding heaven" that have come to save us lool

  8. Quote Originally Posted by bigmoe65 View Post
    Should I taper my dose up?


    I don't know why people still have the notion that you should taper doses with orals, just because it is legal. It's pointless. Pick a dose, and run it the entire time you are on cycle.

    Thoughts on this with any oral ph?

  9. Quote Originally Posted by Harry Manback View Post
    Thoughts on this with any oral ph?
    I just cut and pasted from a website.


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