M1T and sickness?

  1. M1T and sickness?

    I did a search but didn't find any answers I am sure they are here but I didn't see them. I got sick on day 9 of my 10 mg/day M1T cycle. I couldn't keep anything down for about 24 hours. I missed 2 days of workouts and 2 days of taking my M1T (couldn't keep it down). I didn't think I had the flu as I didn't have any congestion rather I think it was a stomach virus. Here is what I want to know, should I...

    A) stop my cycle and start pct now and hope for better luck on my next 2 week cycle

    B) pick up where I left off and end at my normal scheduled time

    C) add 2 days to the end of my cycle to make up for the 2 days I missed

    Other suggestions?

    I missed 2 days of working out and perhaps 3 if I am not up to speed tomorrow. I wasn't seeing very good gains up to this point and was a little disappointed. I have good pumps but strength/size/weight have been about the same (up 3 lbs in wt). I have had calories about 300 above maintenance. I was hoping for "quality" gains not a bunch of fat to have to later burn off.

  2. I had a similar sickness hit me about day 3 of a 2-weeker of 10mg. I had a hard time eating, & training suffered bigtime. I was still able to train, but I was real weak so i cut volume back a little. I kept taking it, just powered thru it & added 2 days to the end of the cycle. I felt fine by day 8, & thats when I started to get great gains.

  3. I would add 2-3 days and finish the cycle.

  4. Have Nolvadex for PCT? Then I would add a couple of days.

  5. Thanks for your input. I took some antibiotics and got well very fast and thought I was good to go. As soon as I went back on the M1T I got sick again. My urine was almost brown as well so that really scared me. I have decided that M1T is not for me. I just don't see enough benefits to warrant getting sick from it. So I am going to start pct with nolva and be done with it. Now I have almost a full bottle of the stuff and I won't be using it. How disappointing.

    I really appreciate all the advice.

  6. It affects us all in different ways. Some guys have almost no sides. You are one of the unlucky ones.
    Maybe give methyl-OHN or methyl-4OHT a try next time. Initial feedback says they seem to offer solid gains with few of the M1t-specific sides.

  7. I had pretty good luck with S1+. I did get a little sick but nothing I couldn't handle. I had very good gains as well. I think I might stay clear of PH's for just a bit. I am about to cut some and then do one last bulk before the big summer cut cycle. I am thinking about Clen but it scares me and I tend to err on the side of caution. Ephedra was not at all for me. I thought I was going to jump out of my skin, but I have seen that some people have had better luck with clen. I like that you can adjust the dosage.

    In all honesty I should just stay natural as much as possible because I have done pretty good both cutting and bulking with just diet and workout alone. I don't seem to react well with certain supp's, but like so many I am just looking for a little something extra.

    Thanks again for everything!!


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