Any feedback on new Rage T19, (stronger than Tren Extreme from what i see)

  1. Any feedback on new Rage T19, (stronger than Tren Extreme from what i see)

    Rage T 19
    serveing size: 1 cap serveings per container: 90
    (says to take 3 a day)

    19-Norandrosta-4,9-diene-3, 17-dione 50mg**

    lol, i don't think anc is going to stand to let anyone beat them but 50mg seems like their really pushing it with this stuff, so far i've only seen this product on their company website at
    Eat Clean. Train Dirty.

  2. 90mg/day is a normal dose, so if you took 2 at 100mg/day, that would not be pushing it too bad IMO

  3. it's weird that they say to take 3, 150mg of 19-nor is considered a pretty high dose. I've never heard of this clone, can we trust that the milligrams are even accurate?

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