OLD STUFF: 4ad and 1T....need HELP!

  1. OLD STUFF: 4ad and 1T....need HELP!

    I am going to start my first cycle ever, using 4ad and 1T. This stuff is old and has been in the freezer a few years. This is what I have:

    Avant Labs ONE+ (1T/4ad blend) TD cream
    4-ADerm Cream
    1T Ether gels

    Since it is old should I up the dose in case it has degraded? I just don't want to eat 4k cals a day and have it do nothing and gain a ton of fat. I heard this combo is real good, anyone have experience?

    I will either start with the ONE+ or the Aderm/Ethergel combo. When one runs out, finish with the other at the same calculated dosage.

    I'm planning to go 4-6 weeks. (4 or 6?) What can i gain in this time? I know the proper PCT, etc so I'm fine with that. Got the Nolva, etc on hand.

    I'm almost 22 5'11 206-210lbs. Been lifting for 5 years all natural. Looking to gain mostly upper body size on this. I have big legs and am tired of having humpty-dumptys weighing in at 170lbs with bigger arms/upper body than me.

    I plan to do a 5 day routine: push/pull 3 days a week with the other two days being legs/abs, and arms.

  2. you can sell the one+ to me and run some of the new school ph's. i know it is wishful thinking, but what the hell

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  4. Did you do this? How did it go?
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  5. Done!

    Yes I did! Gained 10lbs with no change in bodyfat in 6 weeks (almost all gains in first 4). I'm in week 3 of PCT now. Only lost 2lbs so far and holding steady. Lost a tad bit of strength from the cycle. Can put up the same weights but have to pretty much **** myself to do what was easy on cycle. So technically no strength loss.....kinda.

    The sides were also very low. Only got increased acne when adding the H-drol. Libido was very high throughout.

    Bloated up the first couple weeks, but dried out over the cycle....esp. when adding H-drol.

    It's my first cycle so I can't really compare it to anything, but it was great.....wish this stuff was still around so I could just go and get more.

    Oh and this stuff was 5-7 years old and still worked.

  6. Awesome, congratulations! I miss the old stuff.


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