Just wanted to respond

  1. Just wanted to respond

    The reason someone sponsers a board is to get business. They pay to be up there. It is up to the mods to enforce the rules on blatent advertisement for another place. I totally agree with this. If they don't do this, then advertising a board has no merit as people will just post what they want. I agree with the deletion of the original thread.

    That being said I did want to at least respond to the other comments. I was busy this morning and didn't get a chance before it was locked.

    Now after all is said and done, Mike hops on the bandwagon and undercuts everyone after bahsing them for months. Thats business though but maybe if you were on the other side you wouldn't be so happy. But considering who's involved, it doesn't suprise me one bit.
    I totally agree with you. I was led, by a few respectable people, that it was illegal to sell these items. That being said, I stand by my original statements that it was a horrible idea to sell these products. Once contamination issues were cleared up and after speaking with some other lawyers, it seems this stuff can be sold. That is when I changed my mind about selling it. I agree with what bobo said, I did go after everyone and pretty hard.

    This is not going to turn into a Mike or PN bashing.
    I hope my response here isn't seen that way, I just wanted to formally respond to what was said.



  2. Sounds good Mike. Thanks for clearing that up. I didn't want it to get ugly and these type of issues tend to end up that way, especially when most of the people posting are not even involved.

    Thanks again.
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  3. Mike,

    What the hell do I bitch about now? In all seriousness, I fully expected at least 2 weeks of solid arguments but you have condensed it down to one straightforward post.

    Now that we are past that I do feel the need to bring about one point that does bother me: post cycle support. It is established that M-1-T is very suppressive and 6-oxo just won't cut it. Do you have any plans in the future to offer some liquid research products?

    I fully understand your motivation to offer your own M-1-T but what about the consumer needs for PCT? Forget the reckless statements I made previously...it is a tremendous upsale product and will ensure the proper support for those that purchase from you.


  4. I'm up in the air on liquid products. With time I'll decide. I have to get back to taking preorders

  5. As I posted before, it is about the all mighty dollar and there is nothing wrong with that. Business is business.

  6. Go back and read my post from before December 1st. You'll see, like many others, it was the common thought this stuff was illegal to sell. You can't make everyone happy.


  7. Well after cleaning that up, its now closed due to the fact this is the 3rd thread that turned into a nice **** slinging fest. Let it die. If your not John, Mike, or Chemo it really doens't concern you how they price their products. They take the chance, they decide the price. Thats business. Now go read something that will actually enlighten you.
    For answers to board issues, read the Suggestion and News forum at the bottom of the main page.


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