transdermal PHs - showering

  1. transdermal PHs - showering

    Once you have applied transdermal PHs (T1 for example) before you would no longer be concerned about showering?


  2. No scrub and shower before you apply.

  3. I understand that - what if you don't plan to shower until 12:00 or 1:00? Do you apply in the morning and assume the PH has been absorbed or wait until after the shower?

  4. showering isnt essential... just allows for better absorption when the skin is rid of dead skin cells and what not. If its hard for you to wash up before an application, then no reason to worry too much. Whats more important is you keep your applications even throughout the day. as close to 12 hours apart as possible. this is why one after you awake (or after your workout shower if you workout in the morning) and one in the evening is best

  5. I would suggest spacing out a shower as much as possible. I am not particularly knowledgable in the transdermal field so take my opinion as you will. However, I would imagine that you could shower about 3 hrs afterwards with no problems as long as you do not scrub the area.

  6. Size is correct. I have heard after 2 to 3 hrs, the product is diffused deep enough into the skin that showering or swimming for that matter won't be an issue.


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