The idea of using M1T for a first cycle was raised in PN's thread titled "A.M.T. Methyl 1-Test Now In Stock." I didn't see the need to hijack PN's thread so I'm starting this one. I believe this idea is due largely to the newly available option of 5mg tabs, making weaker dosing of 5mg/day more possible. I find this to be an interesting concept although I don't wholely support it, I think it could be an interesting debate. See the first page of the thread at:****11036
for the initial discussion which was lagely against M1T as a first cycle. There was also a post by drfly following mine which can be found on the second page. drfly, didn't take position with either side but offered a view not entirly against using M1T for a first cycle.

I posted the following:
Not to divert this thread back to a sore point or anything, but in regards to FLY's choice to start with M1T...

If he takes the proper precautions ie milk thistle for liver protection, postassium for cramping, coq10 for BP and added liver protection, and solid PCT like nolva... what is the difference between him doing this and a first time steroid user?

In the past steroids have been used by those not privy to PH's. Obviously this would not be an intelligent decison in and of itself, but combined with knowledge of the potential sides and necessary protective measures wouldn't it be safer than those that use steroids without as much precaution?

I want to be absolutely clear about this, I do NOT contend that prior PH experience would not be beneficial! However, I fail to see the qulatative difference between a person using M1T with thorough knowledge and a person using any other steroid without first using a PH. Observations like: you won't know what the sides will be like, you won't know gyno when it happens, etc... don't seem to be persuasive due to the fact that a person using any other PH wouldn't know what the sides would be like or what gyno feels like.

I'm just lost on the point that PH's are now prerequisite to using steroids. They were not in the past, and still are not for many, so if an individual is well informed of the proper precautionary measures what is the difference?

Just an observation, constructive discussion welcomed.

I understand that many feel that M1T is not a proper starting point, and I don't intend this thread to change opinions, but intelligent discussion of the reasons behind views could prove to be interesting and informative.