Getting Blood Work

  1. Getting Blood Work

    Is it just the Peoples Republic of Massachusetts or do you need to beg a Doc for blood work in any state? I found out today that I cannot ask for, and pay for, my own blood work; that I need to have a doc write it up so as to confirm that it's necessary.

    since we moved to "health care for all" in MA, my doc is jammed and I can't see her until dec. I'm trying to get her nurse to write it up but they are soooo unreasponsive. does anyone know of an alternative?

    Off subject, let this be a learning opportunity for anyone considering socialized medicine. If done at a national level, you'll be waiting a year for a routine appointment.

  2. Just be glad your not in one of these communist hell holes like Canada, Australia or Sweden where you can book a doctors appointment for free and see the doctor on the same day!

    After all people only value medicine when they are too sick to pay for it!

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