why cant ricky stay off of drugs?

  1. why cant ricky stay off of drugs?

    wtf ricky williams has reportedly failed another drug test therefore suspending him for the entire 2006 season. what the hell is wrong with him very few people get theyre respect back after what he did his value started to go back up and now he does this. i ashamed to call him my favorite player anymore, now saban will get rid of his ass so fast. man what a **** up...

  2. Ricky's an adult. If he wants to get high off the field, it's not the NFL's business. (IMO.)

    It's not like he witnessed a murder and then obstructed justice.

  3. I agree that it's not the NFL's biz if he wants to smoke up but the fact is like AAS it's illegal and is not allowed. If I was making millions at my job I'd follow the rules.

  4. While I realize that he is an adult and that he is responsible for his own actions, there is a very small part of me that feels sorry for him. He really has issues.

  5. He's a space cadet.

  6. why cant ricky stay off of drugs?

    Because he is an addicted drug addict who even after threat of jail, hurting his family and potentially losing literally MILLIONS of dollars he can not stop. He is no better or worse than the street addict just that he has millions and they are homeless.

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  7. Complete ****ing idiot. Many would kill to be in his position.

  8. RE: Why can't he stay off drugs?!?!

    Now there is an honest question. Simply- he likes to get high. He likes to get high so much he can't control his need for weed. There are a variety of factors to why he is unable to control himself. It's easy to bash him, and hard to understand him. Until he DECIDES what he wants, (which he may have already) he will do what he wants without regard for anyone else. Addictions are like that.

    I'd kill to be in his shoes.

    I'm thankful I'm not in his shoes with every arm-chair quarterback giving their college thesis on why he's a **** up.

    You try being an addict and fighting it, it ain't easy. The millions only make it easier...

    I don't say poor Ricky, I say poor us. Either way it's another athlete we'll never see accomplish what they were capable of. Thats where I feel cheated.

    Good luck with your life Mr. Williams, and try to stay out of the news sir.
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  9. if it matters at all i heard on the news last night that the failed test wasnt for weed like the previous 3 were.

  10. i hope its a false test man ricky has been my all time favorite, i ****ing work with his cousin i want to meet him!

  11. ya i hope that it is a messed up test also- ricky has been my fav player since he came here to miami... even though he has ****ed up a few times.. If this drug test isn't a mistake, and he is penalized for the entire season, then i'll have to find a new player to support- since he isn't giving his team any support =\
    Wish he could just play the game and follow the rules- that being said: I sat RIGHT next to him at last years BOB Marley Festival @ bayfront park... sure he looked homeless last year but he was smokin without a doubt (like all of us)...
    I cant nock him for liking weed cuz I do, but then again I don't make millions of dollars to keep my body in top shape.. and am not drug tested by any national corporations

  12. Quote Originally Posted by LuckyBoy
    if it matters at all i heard on the news last night that the failed test wasnt for weed like the previous 3 were.
    What was this failure for, is it known yet? I personally don't think the NFL should mommy it's players around off the field, but as long as they have the rules he should stick to them if he wants to play.

    As far as addiction goes, weed technically isn't physically addictive. Developing a tolerance is hit or miss and there's no clearly defined withdrawal syndrome aside from grouchiness. It can be very habbit forming because of its high level of social reinforcement, which can be just as powerful as an actual physical addiction, perhaps more so and especially in people with preexisting mental problems, disorders, etc.

    This guy either has major issues or just can't figure out what he wants in life. He obviously wants the millions, but wants the money on his own terms. Apparently at the very least he hasn't grown up enough to know you can't get everything on your own terms. Stupid prick in my opinion. Overall I'd say if he can do drugs and play successfully the NFL should back off monitoring his off field choices. But as long as they've got the rules, he should either obey them or quietly deal with the consequences when he gets caught.

  13. no, it hasnt been disclosed what the failed test was for but it was definitely said that it was not marijuana. so let the speculation begin! i believe the wording was, "under the substance abuse policy it cannot be discussed but it was not a violation for marijuana"

  14. Roids? Trying to get back to his former self a little quicker perhaps. Although they do say Marijuana is a gateway drug. Maybe he's shooting haroin and snorting coke now.

  15. Quote Originally Posted by natedogg
    Roids? Trying to get back to his former self a little quicker perhaps.
    if it were roids it would be a violation of the steroid policy and would be public record. so it'd have to be drug related. my guess is opium.

  16. it may be a supplement he is taking since he is in india for the next few months for his holistic studies. all them herbs and **** he will be taking may raise a red flag, i sure hope thats all it is ricky has to stay a dolphin forever allthough i doubt that will happen now that we have ronnie.

  17. if Ricky passes his drug test drama he wont remain a Dolphin....too many teams want him...Denver and Minnesota are 2 teams also u dont spend a number 2 draft pick on a running back and keep Ricky when u can upgrade ur team by trading him.

  18. This may a good chance for the 49ers to get a good player at a bargain price. I'm sure the Dolphins would rather trade him to an NFC team instead of Denver.

  19. i dont see how it would benifit the dolphins by trading to the 49ers

  20. Quote Originally Posted by BMW
    i dont see how it would benifit the dolphins by trading to the 49ers
    Draft Picks. I wouldn't want him anyways. His heart isn't in it.

  21. I think the better question to ask is this...

    If pot is so damn bad, then how did Ricky rise to such a high level in the NFL? For that matter, lets not kid ourselves...many pro athletes who toke up?

    What would have happened if Ricky would not have tested positive from the very beginning? Lets not forget the year he had before testing positive.

    My guess is that he would have continued kicking ass and noone would have ever realized that he smoked up.

    So maybe the problem is the test...not the behavior?

    I know that personally if I was getting my ass kicked all over place playing pro ball, and I had a choice between taking opiates to ease my aches and pains and pot, I would choose the pot.

  22. Quote Originally Posted by natedogg
    Draft Picks. I wouldn't want him anyways. His heart isn't in it.
    I'd take a shot at him at a price no bigger than a third round pick, I'd also dump that bum Kwame Harris in that same deal. Teams like the Niners could use the talent at the right cost. If it doesn't work out you can cut him immediately and it would have cost you no more than a 3rd rounder for a guy will all-pro skills, what the hell, we've had 6 wins the last 2 years, it can't get much worse ? You can always get him a therapist or some weed LOL.

  23. He suffers from Anxiety. My guess is he uses certian drugs to ease his condition. It's pretty normal for someone with Anxiety to do. I too suffer from anxiety but different people have different levels. I sometimes self medicate with a few beers to take the edge off if I need it. I refuse to take any prescription drugs for it. I feel really sorry for the guy. He has a ton of talent along with a F'd up condition that hampers his specific lifestyle.


  24. because he is an jackass. dude just doesn't care.


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