Who's your early World Series pick ?

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  1. Who's your early World Series pick ?

    I know it may be a little premature, but who do you see as a potential World Series champ.

    I'm going with my beloved Oakland A's. I know they're slumping, I know Barry Zito is struggling and Eric Chavez is hurt, BUT they have been the best second half team the last 3 years, they are almost unbeatable at home, they're starting rotation might be the best in the MLB and they finally got a closer (Octavio Dotel).

    Here's how it'll turn out
    NL Wild-Card round
    Cardinals over the Marlins
    Cubs over the Giants
    AL Wild-Card round
    Yankees over the Twins
    A's over the Red Sox

    NL Cahmpionship Series
    Cubs over the Cardinals
    AL Championship series
    A's over the Yankees

    World Series
    A's over Cubs in 6

  2. Houston and Boston

    Boston in 6

  3. Cubs and Red sox (magically)

    Cubs in 6

  4. go sox

  5. Cards all the way!!

  6. Well, so much for the A's new closer. ****er blew a 4 run lead in the 9th but they spared me the heart attack by winning in the 10th inning. It sucks when you feel like everything might fall apart as soon as the starter gets removed.

  7. shouldve held on to foulke, but im glad u didn't, hes my dog go sox

  8. Quote Originally Posted by gosox
    shouldve held on to foulke, but im glad u didn't, hes my dog go sox
    What sucks even worse is that the A's owner is a multi-billionaire and he cries about being broke. He could have resigned Giambi, Tejada, and Foulke, but he just wants to make a profit. IMO, sports aren't about making a profit, they're about achieving greatness at any cost.

    BTW, I used to feel a lot more comfortable when Foulke came in the 9th, he also had the most 2 inning saves last year cause the rest of the bullpen sucked. He threw like 85 innings, which is a lot for a closer.

  9. Kansas City Royals in 4.

  10. Astros vs. Yankees

    Astros win it all!!!!!

  11. Yankees vs. Cubs (hopefully)

  12. yankees dont have the pitching to beat any good hitting teams unless they can score a million runs a game, which actually though they might be able to do, but theyre still a bunch of homos go sox

  13. Ya I hate the yankees and hope that they don't make the world series.

  14. amen brotha

  15. Red Sox...and I don't care who the other team is.

  16. Quote Originally Posted by Manu20
    Ya I hate the yankees and hope that they don't make the world series.
    Rooting for the Yankees (Unless you or you're family are from the area) is like rooting for Bill Gates to win the lottery.

  17. this is the Red sox year...Where is PC-1 when you need him.....!!!!!!

  18. Red Sox and Cardinals would be sweet. St. Louis has been more than 20 years now without a pennant.

  19. its sweet that this has turned into a yankee hater thread

  20. Yankees vs. LA Dodgers

    Yankees beat Eric Gagne 2 times and win 4-1.
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  21. bo soxxxxxxxxxxxxx 4 sure

  22. Yankees vs Red Sox, the only time baseball is on the edge of your seat TV Yes I am a chick that watches and follows baseball

  23. Cards Baby (check above)

  24. Cincinnati still has a chance!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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