Deca,test, anti estrogen and superdrol ?

  1. Deca,test, anti estrogen and superdrol ?

    What y'all think too dangerous?

  2. Dont see why it should be anymore dangerous than switching to dbol as an example. The superdrol now is as far as I know not as strong as the original either. How is your body now? If you don't have noticable abs I wouldn't go for a bulk cycle. If it's your first cycle I would go for test only. Higher doses and more gear won't benefit you enough cause your body hasn't reached a point where it doesn't grow well on test only.

  3. 20 mgs daily of superdrol was the sweet spot for me. Ran 30 mgs for a couple of weeks but had to drop back to 20mgs as the cramping was almost unbearable

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