Decabolic creatine

  1. Decabolic creatine

    Hey has any one tried decabolic creatine if so is it any good? It says it has 10 different creatine in one table?

  2. No can't say I have. Idk if I'd try it. I do strongman and regular creatine monohydrate is good

  3. Ehhhhh stick with mono, or you could always try some orotine!
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  4. 3rd for creatine mono
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  5. Just get regular creatine dude.

  6. well it worked for me

  7. : D lol

  8. Creatine orotate, creatine mono or MCC

  9. mono is by far best man.

  10. Quote Originally Posted by Carafa View Post
    mono is by far best man.
    Threads a year old lol
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