Question for reps, approaching week 6..

  1. Question for reps, approaching week 6..

    So as some of you guys know I'm currently on day 16 of Tren LV, AH V3, and Drive. Around week 6, I'm going to bridge into a AndroSeries only stack and carry on for another 6 weeks. I know Tren LV is super strong, but im trying to come up with a stack that is compareable.Cost is not an issue. Right now I am not holding much water, and getting really nice strength gains. I have a bunch of Drive, and AH V3, so i will continue with those. What I am confused about is whether I should go AM V3, a combination of AMV3 and AMV2 or just AMV2. I really want the androseries stack to hit as hard as possible, and I would like to try and avoid bloating as much as possible. Im doing a ton of cardio and eating religiously and I just dont feel like bloating up for the last 6 weeks. If you guys could lend me any insight I'd really appreciate it! I know AM V3 should have less sides than AMV2, but does that sacrifice strength gains, or does AMV3 tend to bloat people more? Realistically im not too concerned about the sides because ive encountered them before on many harsher orals. I'm really just interested in staying away from the methyls for quite sometime, and looking for the next best thing.

  2. v3 is definitely more appropriate to your goals. Similar strength/mass gains (and it includes androhard!)
    Just inject.

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