PP stack

  1. PP stack

    So i just recieved my order of Turinabol Muscle Stack. thanks PP for the great packaging and well prepared bottles.

    i have decided that i will put this aside and try to pack on some more mass and strength before i start a PH.

    My current goal is to up my mass and strength for a few months with no test boost since i will start my Turnibol as soon as i feel i have leveled out. I Have my diet worked out already. lots of carbs and 2 g of protien per pound. Plus obviously more.

    so this is what i am thinking for a pre workout:
    One scoop of PP's MAP and one scoop of this post workout
    One scoop of PP's iBCAA.
    One scoop of PP's (Creapure) Creatine.
    One scoop of PP's B-A.
    One scoop of Muscle Marinade ( i want to use PP Pre-Max but just spent alot on my Turinabol Muscle stack so ill save Pre-max for when i get some more cash)

    Is this a good stack or overkill... Thanks anyone with advice or reps!!!

  2. UKStrength
    UKStrength's Avatar

    Stack seems excellent mate, should produce some nice gains If you have any other questions, feel free to PM me or post away.

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