PP stack

  1. PP stack

    So i just recieved my order of Turinabol Muscle Stack. thanks PP for the great packaging and well prepared bottles.

    i have decided that i will put this aside and try to pack on some more mass and strength before i start a PH.

    My current goal is to up my mass and strength for a few months with no test boost since i will start my Turnibol as soon as i feel i have leveled out. I Have my diet worked out already. lots of carbs and 2 g of protien per pound. Plus obviously more.

    so this is what i am thinking for a pre workout:
    One scoop of PP's MAP and one scoop of this post workout
    One scoop of PP's iBCAA.
    One scoop of PP's (Creapure) Creatine.
    One scoop of PP's B-A.
    One scoop of Muscle Marinade ( i want to use PP Pre-Max but just spent alot on my Turinabol Muscle stack so ill save Pre-max for when i get some more cash)

    Is this a good stack or overkill... Thanks anyone with advice or reps!!!

  2. UKStrength
    UKStrength's Avatar

    Stack seems e****lent mate, should produce some nice gains If you have any other questions, feel free to PM me or post away.

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