Everyone What do you think Powerlifting at its best

  1. Everyone What do you think Powerlifting at its best

    Records are Broken all the time But this is major point to ponder I am going to use the SHW Class for my example With the Squat Record 1250lbs Vlad Alhazov Bench 1050 Kennelly 1003 Deadlift Bolton Totaling 3303lbs the Current Overall Total is 2850 By Thompson What in everyones opinion would it take for one in any weight class to amass a total so great it would include each world record in there total all set on the same day not 2 of the 3 all three? What do you think because with doping of all kind and knowledge it has still has not been done? And If you thing it will be done which will be the first weight class to do so?

  2. The guy who would be good enough to do that may not be in PL. The doping, knowledge, etc. you mention are available to everyone, so the guy who excells to this degree has to have something the others do not.

    I don't wanna say "good genetics" cause all the stars have that, so let's say "better genetics than anyone else," plus the training, diet and drug info available to all.

    There may be a guy like that right now, but he may have wandered into OL or Strongman instead of PL. Football is an even greater likelihood for diversion of potential beasts away from PL.

    Nice looking Presa in your avatar, btw.

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