help with max bench?

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  1. Hey first trainer on the bench was John Kuc...see York Barbell hall of fame...he was incredibly strong...6-700 lb bench if memory serves.
    If your sticking point is low in the movement your chest and back need to be worked on...if the sticking point is mid range and up it's front shoulders and tri's.
    He had me do heavy close grips, weighted dips and heavy military press.
    Tri 's and front shoulders were very important...and do not forget abs...they will help tremendously.
    I'm only 5'7 , 185 and nearly 40 yrs old I'm still able to put up 385 and hope to be at 405 before the 40th b day in Sept. Let me know how you make out.

  2. thanks for the help, Kish, and by the way nice numbers

  3. Hey Truck what kind of weights are you handling? I notice your only 26 should still have a fairly quick recovery time at that age...keep me posted on the progress if your weights...I had a great teacher and I like to help people with training.Kish

  4. kish I have a log in this forum, I have not been able to keep it updated lately. I had some problems with my internet, I have had to work a lot this month, so I am rundown, feel like I am starting to get sick. my wife actually had severe strep throat and an ear infection last week. but I should have everything back on track soon.

    here is the log:

    Truck44's Log

  5. hey truck I know all about putting in the hard days. I own a landscape design co. and we do pavers nearly everyday. All bull work and if you want it done right you have to do it yourself I will try to keep you up to date...i log about 65 -70 hrs a week, a twelve year old daughter...and so on. I think I'm going to enter a masters contest in October...after I turn 40 (not used to saying that) I think I have a shot at the 180lb class bp. I want to go in with a 405 or better. I got closer last night 390 and it felt pretty good. Gettin old sucks lots of aches and pains, doesn't help with a physical job. Your routine did seem to be a little long. I stick to 5 - 6 set of flat bench, 4-5 inclines then dumbell flats and a machine or two.
    I will try to clarify it in log form. take care hope your feeling better.

  6. kish, man it sounds like you have a lot on your plate. Good Luck with your competition, I am sure you will do well. If you have time post your log here, I would love to see it maybe give me some ideas, at least get my mind rolling. I have always been told that I do to much in my workouts, and train to long. but I have that complex where, if I don't do a certain amount of work I feel like I am cheating myself, or have not worked hard enough.

  7. Truck,
    How is the bench going? Just following up. I started a cycle of Pro 25 and so far no results...the bench has been at a stand still...might be from starting back to work and the warmer weather, but I might just be hitting a wall...Keep me posted...Kish

  8. Kish, the bench is coming a long. I pushed up 370 two weeks ago, which is the most I have ever got up, but It was a lot easier than before. I was able to push it up without the bar slowing down to much, or stopping at my sticking point, this is a major improvement in my point of view. even though the numbers are not where I want them, I am stronger through the whole press, bands are helping out. also last max I was not feeling exactly great, had a long weekend, not enough sleep, had a little to much to drink.

    I am planning on maxing tommorrow, hopefully it will be a good day. I will keep you posted.

    I bet wth your type of job the heat really takes it out of you.

    I don't know much about Pro 25. if you get a chance try the Mega Trn, I really liked that product one of my favorites. I liked it better than superdrol, ergomax and phera-plex. these are good products I just liked the Mega Trn better.

  9. pushed up 380 tonight, I am stoked, it was pretty easy. went for 390 but did not get, got stuck at my sticking point.

    Making progress and that is all that matters.

  10. get a bench shirt !

  11. ey truck , nice job. I got 315 for 10 last night and I felt pretty strong. I want to try the 405 before the end of the month. I 've been doing heavy tri's and front shoulders. This has helped my bench in the past. Abs are also very important. how much do you weigh? I was 188 last night and trying to get down to 180 to compete. Good luck and keep pushin. Kish

  12. last time I weighed myself I was 232, I fluctuate about 5lbs throughout the day. I am trying to slowly slim up, so I don't lose my strength.

  13. Quote Originally Posted by Truck 44
    how do you anchor the bands down? thanks for the help.
    another good way to anchor down bands is benching in the squat rack. You can set the safety bars on the lowest setting and loop the bands around them. I like to use this for speed work. Or you can loop the band through itself around the top of the squat rack and down to the bar, this is a good mimick for lifting with a shirt b/c the bands do most of the load for the first few inches and then you pretty much take over.

  14. thanks for the ideas WMD I might have to try that.


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