PCT for epistane and 6-oxo extreme

  1. PCT for epistane and 6-oxo extreme

    I am thinking about running epistane for four weeks gradually working my way up to 40mg throughout those four weeks and following with 6-oxo extreme. should I overlap toremifene or tamoxifen with 6-oxo extreme or should I waid until i'm done with 6-oxo? and at what dosages of toremifene citrate or tamoxifen citrate?

  2. before we get into that.....Age? Wgt? How long been lifting? Hows diet? ........did i ask Age?

  3. age 22 weight 160 really lifting for about 3 years. anything before that doesn't really count as working out.

  4. alright......search around a bit but IMO.....torm 120mgs. for 3 days 100mgs. for 4 days then 80 mgs. for 1 week, 60 for 1 week then if needed....40 for another week, with 6oxo running inverse starting w/ 1 tab for the first week then ramping up, do not want to F*** w/ your Estrogen, keep in mind epi is a mild cycle compared to others (SD,M1T,PP ETC.)

  5. In my opinion my diet is really good. I don't drink very often at all and I try to keep track of calories and protein. Can someone help me out I just don't know how much pct is necessary after this cycle.



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