this is the best post cycle therapy i have ever run guys, thought i would share what i did to add to the knowledge data base here

this was coming off a 10 week test cyp, tren ace and superdrol cycle

after the last shot ran HCG only for 21 days (to ensure i had absolutely nothing in my system) roughly 250IU every third day, ran arimidex at .25mg EOD or so too for this 21 days

and started running IGF at 20mcg only after my workouts, generally about 3-4 times a week

then ran the tor after i was done with the HCG

120mg for 5 days
90 for 10 days
and 60 till i ran out

this was perfect, i lost nothing, my libido was just as strong in my PCT as during cycle and i feel great despite not eating as much as i should have

this is what i will do for sure next time, possible with some XT, but the best thing was i fealt fully recovered after only 5 days or so and was able to rock it in bed every single day (which might be more important to me than lifting sometimes...)