Xtreme DMZ...what is proper PCT?

  1. Xtreme DMZ...what is proper PCT?

    Thinking about running the one month cycle of Xtreme DMZ. Friends have been taking it with the otc PCT product with no issues but i've run cycles of Test before and know thats not going to be enough.

    I do a lot of research on these boards as well as others but always difficult to find a definite answer on best way to go about the PCT.

    Its 30 days of 3 pills/day, considering splitting it to make it 45 days total but haven't decided.

    Other supplements I take: Orange Triad, Tribulus, BCAAs, DAA, Fish Oil, Protein, pre-workouts

    Can someone give me some good info on what else I should be taking pre/during/post cycle?

    Some say nolva, some say clomid. Some helpful info would be appreciated!

    Thanks guys

  2. Here you go:

    Treat it exactly like you would superdrol. I would recommend a SERM. It's pretty harsh....

  3. ok thanks...what do you think of something like this...

    before cycle begin "Cycle Assist" and take throughout cycle

    Take DMZ 3pills per day for 60 days (2 bottles)

    Nolvadex 20/20/10/10 along with the OTC PCT product

    Thoughts on this? Will I also need liquidex during cycle and/or Clomid? If so, how much/often? Do I even need the otc PCT product?

    Is 60 days too long for something like this? Its approx 8-9 weeks. Also considered Epistane prohormone or Winabol during the 2nd 30days on cycle.

    Any additional input would be great!


  4. I wouldn't recommend running any methylated PH for that long.
    If you are considering a cycle over 6 weeks I would run the DMZ the first four with something safe as a test base throughout the entire cycle. We have cycle stacking guidelines on our website if you want to read more.

  5. If I did what you are recommending, what do you recommend for the PCT and during cycle?


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