double checkin'...clomid + nolva after test-E and Deca....

  1. double checkin'...clomid + nolva after test-E and Deca....

    Is it best with clomid straight 50,50,50,50, and nolva 20,20,10,10? Nolva works well for me at that dose after a few oral cycles I've done....never used clomid tho.....

    Also plan on using Erase, and maybe TestoJack for a natty booster. IDK.

    I wanna get the SERMS right first, LOL.....

    True story:

    I give a f**K!!

  2. looks good

  3. hey btw. How was your gains with the deca /test cycle? im two weeks into mine, 500 test e and 300 deca. Curious to see what gains you got.

  4. I'm right between weeks 7-8, and only up about 15 pounds...I did a 4 week kickstart with mdrol, too....I thought I would be bigger by now, but my work schedule has me out of town and out of state, so my diet and training hasn't been what it should, either. I've actually almost said F it and stopped a couple different times, but keep going anyways.....And I'm at the same doses you are, BTW.....

    But every week I gain 5 pounds on all the compounds, sometimes 10, and on the isolations every other time I can add 5 or so, and more reps, so I'm doing good considering, LOL....over all I'm pretty happy with it.

    And thanks for the confidence, warbird!!
    True story:

    I give a f**K!!

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