Just need some advice...

  1. Just need some advice...

    Hey everyone I had a quick question on a post cycle for Tren 2 Extreme by Synthetic Science Labs. I have my whole stack ready to go but I don't plan on running it just yet. does anyone think i could get away with no nolva in my pct or is that must? I already plan on using the following supps for post cycle:

    Liver XT
    Post cycle support
    Reduce XT
    Diesel Test Hardcore

    I guess my main question is: Is nolva a must for post cycle or do you guys think could use just these supps? maybe reversitol? any suggestions would be greatly appreciated


  2. You could get away with it and is it a must? Probably yes, and no its not a must

    Do i HIGHLY recommend it? Yes. Also if you go the SERM route i would go with clomid since 4 estra is a progestin.

    Those other supps look great for PCT tho, got all your bases

    Also if you dont get a serm i would def. go with reversitol
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  3. Great, thanks for advice

  4. I also highly suggest a SERM with a natty test booster.
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