1. M-Drol

    I running it as a three week cycle of 10/20/30.

    Planning to follow up with a pct of Reversitol.
    Because I have heard people say they have had success running it like this

    Any suggestions to assist the reversitol?

  2. And I am aware of SERMS, just wearry of counterfeitt websites and I'm pretty sure Reversitol has the same matrix as a SERM

  3. You NEED a SERM with a methylated steroid!!!.....PERIOD.

    This question gets asked CONSTANTLY.
    Why doesn't it sink in that you need a SERM for methylated prohormones???

  4. Quote Originally Posted by Mikey9305 View Post
    I'm pretty sure Reversitol has the same matrix as a SERM
    you are incorrect. lets just say for a minute that you are not going to be shut-down form mdrol, then a natty test booster like DTH would be good along with something like reversitol. i'm not going to tell you that you need a serm, another already has. i would seriously consider having a good strong AI on hand in case of any estro related sides, and SERM would be the best but you say no, so i say at least have a strong AI on hand.

  5. Using just OTC pct is possibly setting u u for problems. Does anyone remember the whole rebound gyno problem with SD! This stuff is very potent and can shut u down fast. It's nothing to mess around with.

  6. I agree a SERM is a must with M-drol.
    Ask me for samples of the new RecoverPRO and Maniac. 3Z is coming July 1st Facebook for more info and maybe a great deal on it coming.

  7. You really weigh 176lbs? You have no business going up to 20mg let alone 30mg with SD. Do 3 weeks @ 10mg.

    I have successfully run 3 cycles with OTC PCT and if you are going to go that route I highly suggest getting bloodwork after it.

    I finished a 3 week Mdrol @ 10mg + 4 week PCT three weeks ago. I ran Formex/Trib along with the supports. In the past I have run Trans-Res (from swanson) along with AI PCS and recovered great. (I get bi-monthly bloodwork due to a thyroid disorder -- had them test everything after cycles)

    Before I get flamed by a ton of SERM diehards I do recommend having a legit SERM (I prefer Torem) on hand incase crap hits the fan and you get a gyno flare up.

  8. buddy of mine on here is pulsing mdrol and using tribulus as PCT. he's gonna stack triple cheeseburgers with the trib. will that work?


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