Epistane/ havoc pct help

  1. Epistane/ havoc pct help

    can anyone give me a sample ptc for a 20,20,20,30,30 epistane cycle?

  2. would Reversitol work?

  3. Check this link:


    Just search this site, many many people have run epi cycles and have had this discussion.

    Sorry I can't post the real link yet b/c I don't have 50 posts
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  4. thanks is epi/havoc the same compound or are the different?

  5. Read what Force of Green has to say:

    "I asked around and many people said that Havoc and Epistane are the same and practically interchangeable. Others said that the effects are slightly different and those who did run both and could tell the difference, I now conclude why. I had a bottle of Epistane that I purchased from NP and a bottle I had around of Havoc. I tried intermixing them and adjusting the dose of each one. I had 40 mgs total daily intake and I would try some days of:

    20 Havoc, 20 Epistane.
    10 mg Havoc, 30 mg Epistane
    30 mg Havoc, 10 mg Epistane
    0 mg Havoc, 40 mg Epistane
    40 mg Havoc, 0 mg Epistane

    These compounds are NOT the same. I don't care what the labels say.

    When I had the larger amounts of Epistane, I felt good, positive, dry, and my energy levels weren't effected.

    When I had the compounds run half and half, I'd have a really sluggish morning if I took the doses of Havoc in the evening and at night of the previous day.

    When I ran all Epistane, everything was fine. Good mood, great pumps, and stable energy, blood pressure was fine.

    When I ran all Havoc, my moods were very down, I was severely lethargic and droopy, my muscles were pumped though and I could muster up energy for the workouts, but my overall mood and motivation, energy, and... to be frank... life sucked! lol

    There were no other contributing factors. I threw the rest of the Havoc away. Life has been fine and whatnot, my physique is fine, it was just the nasty sides of the Havoc that made me feel piss poor.

    I'm not trying to rag on Havoc, some love it. I've tried it before because it came out before Epistane and I thought they were the same. Come to think of it, I tried to attribute my sluggishness to allergies the last time I cycled it, but the Havoc had me feeling annoyed and lethargic before too.

    I remember a time when people were ragging on IBE for putting off the release of Epistane and saying, "RPN released Havoc first! It's the same thing!" Well, it's NOT."

    Since you seem to have questions on everything related to PH's you should really take a few hours and read all the stuff on this site. What you read is so much more important and enlightening than anything I could write or link for you. Look at the Anabolic/Steroid, PCT, and log/review section on what others have experienced. You'll be happy you spent the time.

  6. I would at least have a serm on hand. You can check this link out for OTC PCT.

    Ask me for samples of the new RecoverPRO and Maniac. 3Z is coming July 1st Facebook for more info and maybe a great deal on it coming.

  7. Reversitol should be fine.


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