Everyone is saying Clinton won the debate, what is wrong with me lol

  1. Everyone is saying Clinton won the debate, what is wrong with me lol

    I watched the debate in its entirety and I just don't see it.
    She seemed phony at times to me, is it that most can't see that I wonder.
    Trump, although he gets worked up, he at least seems genuine and appears actually to care a great deal about what is best for America.
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  2. I didn't watch the debate. People say whatever the interpretation of the media is, and I've not seen a single debate that the media says a conservative has won since 2008. People don't think on their own, so that's how we got here to begin with. Second, maybe she did win, I don't know because I didn't watch - but Carter mopped the floor with Reagan during the first debate too.

  3. They both lost, imo. haha

  4. She did look phony. Every mannerism she has repulsed me. That's said, Trump acted like a child and didn't address any of Clintons recent antics
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  5. I watched out after the fact, trump came out strong and composed, but once Hillary started attacking him any time he tried to respond, the moderator cut him off and moved on. He only asked trump questions about controversial issues and not Hillary.



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