My Transform Pics

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  1. Simply amazing! Congrats!

  2. Def one of the most badass transformations

  3. my inspiration.
    contgrats! you got the will to drill!
    gotta do 1 more.. and then 1 more..

  4. Inspiring transformation. I must appreciate. Congratulations!

  5. Amazing transformation... you're truly an amazing inspiration.

  6. awesum work mate . keep it up

  7. Way to go man! That's a heck of a transformation! That takes dedication and drive right there.

  8. Simply Amazing!

  9. Damn u made me want to workout, nice man keep it up!

  10. Wow...... what motivation you have given me

  11. Guys been gone for 5 yrs I wonder what happened

  12. wow, what an inspiration!

  13. Holy cow! Your transformation is amazing! Truly inspiring!

  14. Awesome brother! I'm glad you went into the weight loss with weight training vs. a ton of treadmill like most people lol. and they still look like sh^t...


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