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  1. Before and After

    Like a 3 month time frame..
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  2. Sweet job bro!! Any supps bein used or what helped ya get there outside of diet n cardio of course..

    Great job tho mang!!

  3. I was on anabolic pump all year so far, I think it could be I'm not using that right but ima keep using it for the rest of the year. And other supps I'm on and off with them so I'm keeping it basic now with whey, bulk bcaa, and bulk yellow gold. I've found I need to be better organized with taking them so I now keep a pill case in my car, the pill bottles at home and a lil stash at my job with my whey and bcaa. So now I'm seeing better results now that I'm more organized. I'ma start on some reset ad and start taking that for the rest of the year with what I'm on now. Thank you for the fast reply by the way. You just wait for the next updated pic its going to kill this one haha.

  4. Good job man. If you're taking AP or YG you might want to try Waxy Maixze Starch or Carb Slam befor during and after your workout. You will definitely feel a difference. During a workout WMS and Watermelon Xtend are the sh!t. They keep me nice and pumped.

  5. Nice long as your getting the complex carbs in, the source really doesn't matter.



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