double bi from the bandit

  1. double bi from the bandit

    finally got the balls to post a pic of myself.....heres a pic of me doing double bi about 6 months ago and its the only pic i have of myself its from a damn cam phone ....

    229 in pic currently at 240......should have new pics up next week

    also wanna say thanks to all the ppl on this forum ive learned alot from you all
    thanks again
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  2. So unless you recently got down to nanoscale, I don't see apic

  3. I see the pic and you are looking pretty damn big. Good work!

  4. Quote Originally Posted by karategirl
    So unless you recently got down to nanoscale, I don't see apic

    ?????its there

  5. NIce work, man. Looking big.

    Your avy is too cool. LOL

  6. How tall are you bro?

    By the way, that cat avatar is awesome

  7. awesome size brutha. very lean as well.

  8. Lookin' big n' lean bro. You over 6'?

  9. Must have been a late night thing, its there this morning

  10. apreciate the good feedback .....and yeah im right at 6 foot ....plan to hit bout 245 or 250 by next summer hopefully

  11. Looking good but the cat’s overtraining.

  12. First off looking, really big, keep it up and secondly that cat in your avatar has got to be one of the funniest things I have seen haha.

  13. I need bigger pic please

    And thats one cool avy!!!!! ROFLMAO

  14. Damn your huge...creeps me out how one could be same waight yet your like 3 times bigger..great work man..

  15. damn didnt think i would the feedback that have gotten makes me wanna train harder ......def helps because im sure a lot of ppl sit at home and pic themselves apart in the mirror or maby im a weirdo ...... as far as bigger pic i just ahold of a digital cam so i will be able to put some new pics up...

    the cat has a lot of

  16. excellent shape bro. how's the wheels? being a taller guy myself (6'4"), I'd like to see. Keep up the great work, you're gonna be a huge mofo
  17. Red face

    thanks legs are in better shape then they were cpl months ago ........ when i started lifting again i didnt even pay attention to them and that was a big mistake ill get some pics of them up soon....

  18. after meal today and comparison... def put on some weight through the waist not to happy with that....
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