My friend 12 weeks out from Jr. Nationals.

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    My friend 12 weeks out from Jr. Nationals.

    Bryce has been on his diet three weeks now. He weighed in this morning at 304 pounds. He will step on stage at a ripped 280 pounds in 12 weeks. Height 6-2.

    I put seven pictures in a photo album at the Kodak photo sharing website.

    All you have to do is give a first name, e mail and choose a password, no spam to it. Check it out please! Thanks.

    I plan on updating it every week with new pics showing his progress.

  2. post a login, i dont want to register.

  3. good lookin' abs!!!!
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    Quote Originally Posted by Yjyankee
    good lookin' abs!!!!

    You mean good lookin ab

    Wait til you see him in three months. He'll be SHREDDED.

    I got a pic posted on here somewhere of him from the 2005 Caveman Classic. Check that out. He was 20 pounds lighter onstage then as compared to three months from now.

  5. hahaha i think i am going to buy that first picture of him, on a mug lol...
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    Bryce is now 11 weeks out. Here is a link for pics.


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