Before Andropen Cycle. Please Advise

  1. Before Andropen Cycle. Please Advise

    Hi Guys

    This is me before my andropen cycle. well these pictures are 1 week old. is that good for a natural body? iv been training about 1 year properly, and im 24. Can you guys give a rough estimate of body fat percentage aswell please?

    Thanks alot.

    btw i will post more pics throughout my cycle aswell!!! hopefully there will be some decent gains!Name:  phpg1kT16AM.jpg
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  2. Anybody? Advise? Comments?

  3. Hey mate, I don't anything about andropen as a substance (properties, pct, length, etc) but as far as your bf% goes, Id guess you look to be in the 17-22% region.

    Personally I'd try to drop another 20-25lbs, and say try a cycle once you get to 170lbs if your current weight is 196lbs.

    Just my two cents ;-)

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