Slight weight gain 12 week test E

  1. Slight weight gain 12 week test E

    Hello AM! I just completed my first cycle of test e at 500 mg a week for 12 weeks. I have about 10 days unitl i start PCT. My goal for the cycle was to recomp. Previously I fluctuated from 210 to 240 never really looking to great. I was happy with my result, it seems some of you may not be. Maybe I could have got more I don't know, but I accomplished my goals and all my lifts have gotten better.

    I started out at around 230 and did not want to weigh much more than that. Which is why i decided on a recomp rather than to bulk. My long term goal is a fit 2-0-X. I would like to weigh under 210.

    I lifted 6 days a week. Chest/Back, Legs, Arms. Shoulder, Legs, Chest/Back.

    Fell free to ask any more questions. Although I have no plans to compete, I would be interested in hearing where I am lacking and what to focus on in my lifts.

    Same pose b4 and after

    Uploaded with


    Some leg shots around week 9

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  2. how many mg of test e you taking a week?
    do you have a pct? unless you want to lose your gains you need pct? most of the gains is water weight....
    You need to post your workouts? without that nobody can really comment...
    test e alone will bloat you up cause of the water retention.
    what are your goals exactly?
    if you want to lose body fat.. cardio and diet is the key... I like hiit on the treadmill.. takes you body to another level...

    once again post your work out routines and calorie intake..

  3. Within the 12 weeks I feel that you could of had a better result depending on your diet and workout.

    You have slimmed down in the midsection and gain more lean muscle through out, but like mentioned above there could of been a bigger result depending on your diet and workout.

    By the way, good job. At least you're working out and keeping your body healthy.

  4. Maybe your gear was underdosed?

  5. that's why he need to put his dosage on here.........ain't **** going to help if your diet is mostly in check...

  6. Quote Originally Posted by boricuarage View Post
    that's why he need to put his dosage on here.........ain't **** going to help if your diet is mostly in check...
    I second that.

    People think juice does everything for them, hell ill admit it, i sure as hell did when i started

    As soon as i started piling food into me, i blew the **** up.

    Sure juice helps ALOT, but its like a car full of ethanol racing fuel with no oil. Its only gonna go so far till it stops. Same with gains on juice with NO DIET!

  7. hey y'all i am going to go ahead and edit my first post and detail my goals and such. Will probably add a picture or two as well.


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