6'2 275

  1. 6'2 275

    In the first pick you can see my spare tire and my number one mission right now is to destroy it, besides that ugliness, what do you guys think ?

  2. yay for 50 posts

  3. Please don't eat me

  4. Looking diesel dude. Dial in that diet and get shredded.

  5. Will you walk around with me while I insult people on the streets of NY? lol

  6. Quote Originally Posted by jsheely View Post
    I's Hit it!
    Wait wat?

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  7. You have a great base and a really thick frame. Lowering the bf(applies to everyone, I know) will really show it all off.

  8. Nice base. Get the diet under control by creating a journal. Log all food real time calories, fat, carbs and protein.

  9. Quote Originally Posted by jsheely View Post
    Please don't eat me

    Bioman - Sure thing man lol

    I appreciate the comments, I know I have to reduce BF, I'm actually on my way down, I have a pic of me before I started cutting I'll post up........

    HP - Thanks man I do have a calorie count application on my Iphone and I eat clean, usually around 2700 calories w/ 300gms protein, its just a slow process

  10. Lets see a picture with a shirt off to see what body fat levels are like
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  11. Quote Originally Posted by smeton_yea View Post
    Lets see a picture with a shirt off to see what body fat levels are like
    I'm not that brave yet lol..... give me a couple months, I'm a work in progress

  12. pretty nice calves!

  13. I can't see any spare tire in the second photo because of that tree trunk hanging off your shoulder. How big are your arms?

  14. I've got the same build man, it definitely is a work in progress... Mine has taken a few years longer than I planned on due to lack of discipline :P

  15. Quote Originally Posted by epilogue View Post
    pretty nice calves!
    Thanks man, their as strong as my quads lol fat man genes i guess

    Bucknut - lol, appreciate that, personally i feel my arms are small for my build, they measure 18.75 cold and nearly 20 warm

    jayhawk - i know what u mean bro ! I see kids get ripped in 60 days and im here scratching my head. I have been doing real well tho i got bloated up to 288 now back down to 273 looking leaner and meaner, really wanna hit 250-260 by the end of my cycle

  16. I think you need to get down lower then 250... IMO, if you were in single digits, I think you would be somewhere between 235-245lbs.

    Lets do the math... 275lbs
    I am guessing you are around 25%bf
    275x.25= 68lbs fat....and 206lb lean mass...
    Lets get back to 10% assuming you dont loose any muscle
    206 + 206*.10 = 226lbs. that would get you at 10%

    Lets re-run this if you were at 20%
    275 x .2 = 55lb fat and 220 lb lean mass
    220 + 220*10 = 242lbs

    either way, its much lower then 250. Once you get all that disgusting menecing fat off your body, others will appreciate the muscle you have... and so will you

  17. i think there is a good chance is might be more than 25%... i was at almost 23% at one point last yeah and i didnt carry that much. He is much bigger than me too tho so who knows

  18. Calves are lookin' very good.


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