my journey to get to 150 criticizm and suggestions wanted

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  1. my journey to get to 150 criticizm and suggestions wanted

    alright i decided to start this thread basically to motivate myself and try to stay on track as i attempt to reach 150lbs. ive never weighed more than 130 in my life. a lil bit about me , i lifted all through jr high and halfway thru highschool until i got into drugs and stopped playing comp soccer, ended up getting locked up for a little while, went to rehab came out and started my life all over with nothing. that was about 18 months ago. since then i started going to college and worked as a chef at two restaurants and at a hospital where i live. from last november to this february i kept losing weight due to lack of sleep, not caring about eating and eventually because of the lack of sleep and nutritional deficiencies i was anorexic pretty much. i didnt realize how much of a delusional state a lack of sleep can really induce until it was too late. I was working 13 hr graveyard shifts and taking 21 units. i slept about 3-5 hrs a day tops and at best i think i ate maybe 1000 cals a day tops. i slowly got weaker and weaker and slower and constantly in pain and protein deficiency kicked in and due to having no albumin in my blood my legs began to swell and swell, muscles were continually being broken down. in the end i could hardly stand, walk, talk or breathe, i took myself to the hospital and was on iv for about two weeks and then got released. when i checked in my HR was 39bpm and my blood pressure was low and everything out of whack as you can imagine. as soon as i got out of the hospital i realized it was time to change and i needed to get my life back together. when i got out i tried to pick up a two lb dumbell and couldnt. but since then ive obviously gotten serious about lifting again like i was years ago and that brings me to where i am today. as of today since march 1st ive gained 36lbs.
    im 5ft8 and 116 as of this morning but probably heavier now.
    I plan on hopefully bulking up to 150 naturally if possible, but ive also been struggling with low t levels and crazy hormonal imbalances. last time i checked about 6 weeks ago total t was 210ng/ml. e2 was high and everything else was wack aswell. but anyway ive got a pretty nice stack of supps to help me bulk and i have quite a bit of knowledge about supps in general and whatever i dont kno i can always count on zach to educate me.
    but im planning to bulk my way to 150 if i can without going past 12%bf either way in march im gonna run my first cycle . lemme kno what u guys think about my routine and macros. my food choices are all clean and i make my meal plans a day in advance so that i have everything ready .

    Im open to any and all suggestions and criticizm

    current supps are t-force 3/day, HX2 2cap/day,

    various gdas: insuleank,gbol,pslin, ap, and others

    also started dosing 600mg ecdy 60% 100mg with breakfast 400 post workout and 100mg before bed

    50mg forslean ed

    pre workout ill either use jp8, or just bcaas,200mg r-ala, creatine,cit malate, beta alanine, alcar, and some green tea,
    other supps staples multi,fish oil,zma, alternate sesamin and CLA, protein of course, umm other bulk powders cant think about all of the ones i use

    also using vat attack at a low dose right now because of elevated cortisol levels so ive been doing 1/8tsp morning/prewo/before bed

    bulk 1-c for two weeks on and two weeks off

    heres wat my training looks like
    M,W,F 20 min fasted cardio, T,F,S 35 min LISS cardio and 20min abs

    bb curl 1 wm up set
    super set bbcurl with dips 4 set
    super set 2 pinwheels/tri pulldown 3 set
    super set 3 supinated curl/skull crushers 3set
    super set 4 preacher curl/tri kickback 2 set
    1 drop set bbcurl to failure
    1 drop set skull crusher to failure


    warm up with leg curl 1 set, and 1 set calf raise
    5 set smith squat
    5 set leg press
    3 set calf raises
    3 set leg curl
    3 set db lunges
    2 set bb side lunges
    1 set squats to failure

    warm up set machine press
    2 set db press super set with db flye
    2 set db incline db press same super set db flye
    1 set db decline press again supered with db flye
    3 set flat bench
    2 set machine press
    1 set machine press to failure

    interval training, running, different hiit stuff, or if i am pressed for time ill just do p90x plyo dvd twice

    warm up 1 set pulldowns
    3 set bent over bb rows
    3 set deads
    3 set bb goodmornings
    3 set lat pulldown
    2 set tbar row

    3 upright rows
    3 arnold press
    3 lat raises
    3 shoulder press
    2 military press
    sunday- rest

    my diets clean no eating out and no processed stuff, i try to eat everything natural, carbs come from wms, oats, sweet potatoes, various veggies, and ezekial bread on certain occassions.
    heres my macros currently i just adjusted today actually but i wont list actual meal plans

    work out day macro plan

    Meal 1
    75 carb 10 fat 45 pro

    Post workout 1
    1 scoop glucevol
    10g bcaa 4:1:1
    5g creatine
    3g citrulline
    3g arginine
    and some other special ingredients that cannot be revealed at this time
    35 carb

    Post workout 2

    TP protein mix
    some oats
    1 cup skim milk
    35pro 20 carb 5 fat

    75 carb 45 pro 10 fat

    Meal 4
    20 carb 45 pro 20 fat

    meal 5
    15carb 40 pro 15 fat

    meal 6

    0-5 carb 40-50pro 10-20 fat

    70 fat minimum, 250-260 Pro, 245-255 cho
    aiming for 2650 cals or within the 2600-2700 range

    on my off day obviously ill drop the post workout shakes and up the fat 5-10g each meal and drop the carb 10-15 g per meal but the same cal level.

    heres some pics of me from about a week ago ones post workout others are cold upon waking before any carbs, and some pics of my supp stashes

    some of my supps

    I plan on updating my weight, bf% prs and how different supps are working for me as i go along probably once a week just for my own sake and if anyone cares to see how diff supps are working for me personally . so far two weeks in to t-force and hyperdrol i kno my test is way up and im more vascular, better pumps, and much more aggressive in the gym, and ve gained 3lbs of lean mass, my bf hasnt changed but up 3lb. i dont really ever try and see what my one rep max is on things but i just go off my 6 rep max for leg press, db press, and bb curls to judge where im at. as of now my best 6rm for leg press is 5plates each side, db press 6rm is with 50s, bb curl 6rm with 80lb bb that was this week after i had already done 3 sets of bb curls so im sure i could lift alot more than that for a 1rm.

  2. holy **** ****! thats a ton of **** lol

    im here with ya broski

  3. i didnt see any back in this plan !!

    add it in on shoulder day

  4. backs on friday ill go back and bold it so its easier to see it

  5. what do u think about my routine does it look decent?

  6. Good luck bro...It seems like you're pretty motivated and got everything in line. Glad to hear you've decided to get life back on track.

  7. I'd ease up on the cardio and make 160 your goal.

    Keep this: M,W,F 30 min fasting cardio. And make Thursday another rest day.

    Maybe bring the volume of exercises down and bring the weights up. Keep in mind that it's certainly not impossible to keep a very low BF% while gaining LBM (specially when your first starting out or getting back into it) but it can be pretty difficult. At times you'll feel like your working against yourself. The best way to gain LBM is to cycle. Bulk then cut then bulk then cut....

    And yeah - holy crap man - that's a lot of supplements. Sell some of that stuff and buy some steak...

    Just my 2 cents - good luck!

  8. I am thinking that diet will be key for you. You seem like you have things planned out pretty well, but maybe post what foods you will be eating for diet. All those sups won't make up for a lack of structure in the diet. Best of luck to you man! With the amount of dedication that is apparent by your post, youza gonna be a ripped motha.

  9. I would do cardio as little as possible and EAT EAT EAT.
    maybe even lift only 3 days and EAT MORE

  10. Im in here.

    Dude, here goes. I've been where you are minus the drug bit. Been there too, but not as deep. Good on you for getting out of it! Now comes the fun part.

    You need to make a "metabolic shift". Eating as stated in your plan is good if you are already making gains and want to manage bodyfat. You need more. My recommendations in short:

    1) For you, never "drop" a shake or fat, eat as much as you can, all the time.
    If you are gonna drop something, lower the protein, raise the fats and carbs. With your test level at 210, and your bodyweight so low, you are not gonna metabolize that much protein. Save your money and put it into carbs.

    2) RAISE the fats. Peanut butter, EFA's, Almonds and my favorite, Coconut Oil.
    Carry a bag of almonds around with you, and eat them whenever. This also helps testosterone production and recovery. At 210 for test, something is up there. Both stims and depressants curb Test, but you should be recovering by now. This could just be from starving for so long.

    What did the endo say about your test level?

    Start your day with a big 'ol plate of pasta for breakfast, with a steak or chicken breast + protein drink. You'll be lethargic for a couple hours, so you just gotta deal with that. This will slow things down metabolically and help you gain some weight.

    As far as supps...Well, Bro eat a multi and drop the rest.
    I know this may be hard, but box 'em up and put 'em away, IMO. You need to get all that crap out of your system and let yourself recover to see where you are. If you dont, you're gonna be trying to manage your hormones forever.

    I'm not a purist at all with fantasies that BBing is "healthy". I love anabolics and wish I could do more without jacking myself up. So, once you have a firm baseline and good health, cycle away if you want. But until then, eat a ton and leave yourself be with the supps.

    Training: I think this is WAY too much. 2 to 3 total sets per bodypart to failure. The exception is 5x5 on squats.

    I would center my workouts around Bench/Squats and Deads. And perhaps clean/jerks. You dont need the finer details just yet. You need mass. And you're blessed with being lean.

    So just eat...and lift heavy sh*t!

    And yeah, no cardio.

    Good luck, Man. Keep us posted

  11. heres just an exampple of one days meal plan

    meal one pre wo
    80carb 10fat 42 pro

    Pwo shake 1
    massport 21 carb
    pwo shake 2
    oats, fruit, milk, protein
    30carb 5 fat 34 pro

    chicken breast, sweet potato, rice, veggies, evoo
    75 carb 10 fat, 41 pro

    meal 4
    cottage cheese, tuna, natty pb, ezekial bread
    24 carb 18 fat 50 pro

    meal 5
    salad, hb eggs, salmon, evoo
    10 carb 15 fat 35 pro

    meal 6
    protein shake with coconut milk
    3 carb 10fat 48 pro

  12. I agree with Brenn, that's a ridiculous amount of volume for someone in your position. I'd also advocate higher frequency than once per week.
    Bulk Performance Solutions
    --No Proprietary Blends, All Performance--

    ***NOW @ NP***

  13. the reason i got suppressed so hard is exactly what u said starvation for so long and my body pretty much just said ok im on the verge of dying do i really need hormones so it just stopped producing and coupled with the fact that i wasnt eating enough anyway it didnt have raw materials to produce hormones if it wanted to. but as far as my test level now im sure its much higher. thats just going off of how i feel and common signs of elevated test, increased libido, acne, strength, appetite etc. without a doubt the hx2 and t-force are working but i attribute the biggest boost in my t from running low dose clomid for 2 weeks to kickstart hpta and it seems like it worked. but ill definately try and put more fats in my diet adn decrease my training volume. as far as supps go the only things i use daily are gdas, multi, fish oils, bcaas, protein and sometimes prewo drinks, and right now t-force and hx2, and until i run out of massport thats my post drink with the addition of some other bulk powders

  14. Great advice has been given to you but one thing I would like to point out. You claim you had an addition problem, well guess what you still do. Look at all those supps you have. Most of those supps are worthless and you dont need them. Keep the protein and vitamins and get rid of the rest. To me it looks like you have compulsive behavior which you need to work on first. Best of luck to you.

  15. ok guys heres the new diet and new routine provided by crazyfool . thanks brotha

    40g carb, 40g protein, 18g fat 1gbol with 1 ala


    Post workout 70g waxy with 15g BCAAs 5g Creatine 400mg banaba .

    PPWO 60g carb, 40g pro, 18g fat 1gbol with 1 AP

    lunch- 40g carb, 40 protein, 18 fat 1 insulean 100mg YG

    Snack- 20g carb, 40 protein, 15 fat. 150mg YG 300 ALA

    Dinner- Green veggies (1 cup) 40g protein, 15 g fat 300 ALA

    Snack- 40g protein, 20g fat.

    Incline bench 4 sets
    DB flys/ cable cross over- 4 sets
    Flat bench 4 sets
    pushup 2 sets to failure.

    Pullups/Lat pulls/rack chins 4 sets
    low row/ machine row/tbar row 4 setss
    Straight arm pull downs 4 sets
    one arm row or deadlift 4 sets

    Smith press/military BB press 4 sets
    lateral raise 3 sets
    Rear delt fly 3 sets
    DB press 3 sets of 10

    Leg press 4-5 sets
    Squat 4 sets
    SLDL/ lounge 3 sets
    ham curls 3 sets of 10

    DB curl 4 set
    Dip 4 set
    Pinwheel curl 3 set
    close grip bench 3 sets
    tri extention 2 sets of 20
    Barbell Curl 2 sets of 20

  16. applause

    keep tuning it and let us know your results!

  17. just thought id post some updates and notable lifts for myself this week,
    db press 50x6
    bb curl 75x6
    not the strongest guy obviously but im working on it

  18. Looking on track bro! Keep it up, you will be able to see your growth better then most as your super lean! And HOly **** you have a nice collection of supps!!

  19. thanks bro. yeah i always just pick stuff up when i see it for low prices and i trade alot of things i buy for things i can use. only supps i use daily are multi, fish oil, cla or sesamin( i alternate), protein, creatine, citrulline, beta alanine, and bcaas. and right now hyperdrol and t-force but next month im gonna use up my bottle of DTHC and prolly add in HGH up when it comes out to see how that is.

  20. just thought id update this more for myself more than anything ive made it to 120lb now. also two prs this week. bb curl 80x2x3, squats (really just started doing these) 250x5, leg press 425x4

  21. just wanted to update today since its been exactly 8 months since i got out of the hospital and in that 8 months ive put on exactly 40 lbs so im sitting at 122 right now. so thats about an average of 5lbs per month. i had my bf tested at the gym which isnt too acurate with the calipers but it was 7.75% so i think im doing good there and am lucky to have maintained a low bf. Im not sure if my strength level is were it should be for some one my weight so heres my leg workout today from wat i can recall i forgot to take my book. feel free to pick it apart , and i didnt mean to do such high volume but i felt strong and wanted to see how heavy i could go.

    warm up 2 sets squats 135x20

    squats: 200lbx12x4, 225lbx10x3, 250lbx6x2, 150lbx25x1

    Leg press: 360lbx20x1, 375x15x1, 400x8x2, 350x20x1 rest pause

    Barbell lunge across the gym 60 total lunges back and forth
    95x2, 115x1

    Front squats: 95x20x2, 125x12x2

    Leg ext. 110x15, 120x15, 145x10, 150x8
    Leg curl 90x20, 110x15, 120x12, 145,x10, 155x8
    Hammer strength horizontal calf machine 360x50x3, 400x30x1

    15 min eliptical, 15 min tread mill (45 sec sprint followed by 75 sec jog)

  22. why so many supplements? That's nuts. Rely more on your food than supplements. They aren't magic or anything (which I'm sure you know). Good luck on reaching your goal and just focus on cals and solid lifting. At your spot thought I would go for more general health exercising than bodybuilding just to get your body back up to speed.

  23. i have lots of supps but the only ones i use daily are gdas, prewos sometimes, waxy, creatine, ba, bcaas, protein, multi and efas

  24. I agree with everyone else in that you should focus on nutrition more than anything else. I bet with regular exercise combined with good nutrition, your hormonals will improve. Also, make sure you get at least 7-9 hours of quality sleep a night.

    The only thing I would suggest you do different is lift 3-4 days a week, increasing your recovery period. Do biceps on chest day, triceps on shoulder day or vice versa. When you meet your strength/weight goals, considering bumping the training up at that time. Right now, rest is more important imo as overtraining could become a problem where you are at.

    Other than that, great job getting things turned around. Sometimes we have to hit rock bottom before we can push ourselves above water again. Good luck to you.

  25. thanks bro. i dont really think im overtraining nemore at least. reason being is two of my lift days are at school between classes so i get about 45 mins to do arms and the other day i do a quick chest routine. so im only doing cardio for 1 hr fasted over the course of a week so if i dont do it one day i do it the next usually 15-20 mins a day is what i shoot for. and tuesday, friday i do 30mins on the eliptical or treadmill, thursday ive just been doing interval type training and then saturdays i hit whatever i feel i didnt hit good enough during the week. then on sunday i dont do anything and i always eat 500 extra calories which takes me right around 3400-3500


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