befor and after 1 mounth bulk

  1. befor and after 1 mounth bulk

    went from 186 to 195

    195lbs it woundt let me stan the pic up idk

  2. can we see the video of you squatting 550lbs now?

  3. those are at angles where i can't really tell

  4. Quote Originally Posted by carpee View Post
    those are at angles where i can't really tell
    it was ment to show mi abs, the weight i put on was in mi back and legs
    im not a body builder
    mi sport is track
    and as u can tell i did put som fat on but its fine as long as i dont get full on gut!

    well i said that i would squat 500lbs at the end of mi next strength phase, i will keep this photo log as progress
    my ultimate goal is squat 500lsb on the bar at a body weight 200lbs or lower.
    i will also get a vid like i said as well to put in here.

  5. still great progress!
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  6. u like exactly like that deaf mma fighter, matt hamlin

  7. Quote Originally Posted by james1 View Post
    can we see the video of you squatting 550lbs now?
    yeah, I would like to see that vid as well

    How about some wheel pics instead of just your torso in a towel????? lol

  8. you just look like you've got fatter, You can tell theres less definition in your abs and your cheeks look puffier. I think you just put on fat not mass


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