What are people saying about Alphamine?

  1. What are people saying about Alphamine?

    Now Alphamine is making it's way around our customer base we have some early feedback from customers. For all of you frantically scouring the threads and reading reviews here is a helpful consolidation.

    As feedback is coming in thick and fast it is hard to keep up with it all. I have tried hard to get everything in here but if I have missed your thoughts please post them in this thread or PM me and I will add it to this post.

    From our Facebook page: www.facebook.com/pescience

    Aaron Bennett "
    <-- can finally replace Ephedrine thanks to Alphamine. Ephedrine was making me an *******... THANKS PES!!"

    Felix M. Fernandez:
    "BE SMART! Why spend $3.50 for a coffee or an energy drink that does nothing but give you a little short term energy. Get Alphamine, the best fat-burner in History, refreshing and great tasting for under $1 per serving and unveil your abs!"

    Justin Erny:
    "Hands down best fat burner I've ever taken. Also one of the best stacks I've ever taken. Ae + erase + alphamine. Gonna snag erase pro next time. You have just gained a loyal customer. The results I'm seeing during this cut is nothing short of spectacular"

    Kenneth Vincent Carangelo: "ALPHAMINE!!!!! = Greatest invention ever"

    Stephen George Moran:
    "Thank you PES! Alphamine is simply amazing!"

    Randy Aikens: "First dose of Alphamine 3hrs ago....one word description so far...LEGIT! that is all"

    From Anabolic Minds:

    Quote Originally Posted by Clemenza View Post
    So I got my bottle of Alphamine yesterday and took my first dose this morning. I have a lot of stim experience so I went straight for the full dosing of 2 scoops AM 1 scoop PM instead of the suggested lower dose on the first day.

    Impression 1: I mixed 2 scoops with 10oz of water. Mixed very easily with a spoon. It’s a purplish pink color. I notice they use a natural coloring which I love since I am drinking it twice a day. Gotta keep the pearly whites pearly white!

    Impression 2: Taste is AMAZING! Not too fruity, just right. I could sip on this all day like a refreshment. It tastes like something from my kindergarten lunch box. I don’t feel like I am taking a supplement or anything.

    Impression 3: I took my first two scoops on an empty stomach in the morning. I then did a fasted cardio session. First thing I noticed is this stuff kicked in superfast. Within 15 minutes. I was still driving to the gym in my car and started getting hot and energized.

    Impression 4: 30-45 minutes in, and this stuff is still at full throttle. I was sweating like an animal during cardio (incline walk). WAY more than usual. It looked like I went swimming. I thought Alpha-T2 was thermogenic but this is twice as thermogenic as T2.

    Impression 5: I was able to train longer and did not feel the slightest fatigue, where I normally would even using a basic stim. I am guessing this is from the combination of Caffeine and Higenamine. I felt as if my performance dramatically increased. PES should pitch this with Alphamine. It's basically a performance fat burner that let me get even more out of my cardio. I am going to try using it before a workout with weights tomorrow.

    Impression 6: The energy was very high, I would describe it as a very clean and pumped up awakeness. Like I just wanted to dominate my cardio. No tunnel vision or cracked out feeling.

    Impression 7: The strong energy lasted 4-5 hours, but the appetite suppression lasted about 5-6. And ZERO crash. This was perfect, as I decided to take my second dose 6 hours after my first dose and it kept my appetite to a minimum for the entire day.

    Impression 8: Took 1 scoop with 4-5oz of water for my second dose. Still gives you very good energy, especially later in the day when your body is getting tired it could keep you up if you decided to take it too late at night.

    Final Impression: Day 1 of Alphamine was awesome for me. I am curious to see what everyone else thinks.
    Quote Originally Posted by Clemenza View Post

    Alright, knowing I was going to take this pre workout today, I did not take the morning 2 scoop dose.

    Instead I held off until pre workout, which was about 1:00pm today and took 2 scoops on empty. I also added my basics (CitMal, Agmatine, Taurine, Beta-A, ALCAR). Anyone that takes these knows how bitter they taste by themselves. Alphamine completely masked the bitterness and still tasted AWESOME!

    The energy kicked in quickly once again and began to build for the first 45-60 minutes after ingestion.

    All I have to say is this stuff is THE TRUTH!! I hit arms and chest today and had outstanding energy throughout the entire workout. I definitely felt more muscular energy as well. Vascularity and pumps were outrageous, and much more pronounced than when I normally just take my basic supplements. I literally did not want to leave the gym. Thermo effect was once again crazy.

    After forcing myself to leave the gym, I went for a 5 mile (45 minute) bike ride and it was a cynch. It's now almost 7:00p (6 hours after my first 2 scoop dose) and I still have a very good and calm energy. Libido has been going strong since my first dose yesterday.

    Hands down I'll now be using this as the energy/stim addition to my pre workout ergogenic supps.
    Quote Originally Posted by Clemenza View Post
    Just an update...

    I've taken two to three scoops every day since I got Alphamine and started this thread.

    I have not noticed any crash or tired feeling or any side effect I've noticed in the past while using other stims on a consistent basis. So far with Alphamine it's just pure clean energy from within after every dose.

    I also have not noticed any tolerance build up. Each time I've used it feels like day one.

    I've also lost a significant amount of water over the past five days.

    I'm going to pick up another tub and run a log.

    Quote Originally Posted by CATdiesel76 View Post
    Haha definitely glad I read them (label instructions). I am very sensitive to Yohimbine so I determined that was what did it. However, as I mentioned in the Alphamine thread, this extract didn't make me feel like complete **** like every other form of Yohimbine has so that is a huge plus. On the downside, it has given me a nearly 3 hour erection at work that is really hindering productivity and my ability to walk to the copier....

    All in all good stuff PES I am impressed. Eager to run the Anabeta for the first time that came with it.

    Quote Originally Posted by mustang0341 View Post
    overall thoughts: Awesome smoothness to this, I know smooth is a word almost overused already but it fits. I am stim sensitve (old hydroxycut used to give me the shakes and I have to build up to two scoops of Jack3d), but this stuff is nice. I really feel the thermo in this stuff too, slept over the covers this morning LoL. I can already tell I need to change my eating habits because will help you fast even when you don't want to. I didn't stick to a small eating window before (three meals over 12hrs). This stuff will for sure help me taper that to an eight hour window. The flavor, oh man the flavor...just like cool-aid. In a word, TASTY!

    homerun PES
    Quote Originally Posted by mustang0341 View Post
    I just got two guys at work hooked, 5 tubs purchased between the two of them And to think, I only had to give them one scoop to try.

    Quote Originally Posted by breezy11 View Post
    Im not officially starting my Alphamine until next week, but decided to give it a try this morning after reading all this feedback. I was more than happy with the taste. I mixed 2 scoops in about 12oz of water which resulted in one of the best fruit punch flavored drinks that I can recall drinking. I'm not a fan of fruit punch in general, but I actually thought this was very tasty. After about 10-15 minutes I felt the added energy. My stim tolerance is very high and 2 scoops definitely provided a nice boost. Im not feeling cracked out or jittery, but I am full of good clean energy. Alphamine looks like it will be perfect to get me going during my early morning work days. I can't wait to officially start supplementing because with the addition of the second serving it should be more than enough to power me through a long day of work. I'm not sweating, but I am experiencing a slight warming effect. I should be able to better judge this effect on a work day involving physical activity. I don't want to make judgement on the appetite suppression at this point, but I haven't eaten yet today and I'm not starving like I normally would be. I'll be making a big breakfast shortly and will see if I struggle to get through it.

    Quote Originally Posted by Est1969 View Post
    Yep. Alphamine replaced my coffee today

    I woke up with a hangover and it cleared up completely in 15 minutes after a 1/2 scoop.

    Quote Originally Posted by boogyman View Post
    I think I got my wife hooked, which mean my Alphamine costs are gonna double :-(

    Quote Originally Posted by jwa254 View Post
    Went to my only class today and while I waited to go in I looked down at my shirt to notice it was drenched in sweat. Some chick I knew came up and went "o my god, do you have a fever?!" Yeah. I have a fever, and the only prescription is more Alphamine.

    Quote Originally Posted by R3ACTION View Post
    Thanks for that scoop and a half of alphamine! Jeff had to throw me a bone and get me exited for my stack in October. I am now a believer, this stuff is liquid amazing! Being an early riser and working 3rd shift is rough but tonight I feel refreshed and alive as opposed to zombie. Thanks bro!

    Quote Originally Posted by rehj View Post
    Update on yesterday. Took two scoops am and one scoop pm. Did I mention how good this tastes? like candy.

    I might experiment a little with 1.5 scoops at both doses. I don't get too much out of one scoop (I'm very stim tolerant) but two really makes me feel great. If 1.5 can meet in the middle for both doses for smooth energy and appetite suppression all day I'll be ecstatic. If reps or anyone else has any opinions on this dosing please share!

    I ended my fast at 3 and had absolutely no trouble waiting till 3 instead of my usual 1st meal at 2. Once again no sleepiness following my first meal which is great.

    Quote Originally Posted by andrew732 View Post
    Had to try it, so I poured 4.5 oz of water in a measuring cup, threw in 1 scoop of alphamine. WOW, talk about tasting like juice, literally if I had a blinder on, I would have thought I was not drinking a supplement powder infused with water. Updates later on how I thought of it's performance. Forgot to mention it also mixes easily.
    Quote Originally Posted by andrew732 View Post
    Update: I am experience a euphoria no doubt about that. Its been about 30 minutes since I downed a serving on an empty stomach.
    Quote Originally Posted by andrew732 View Post
    Update, def sweated quite a bit. What I noticed most was my cardio capabilities VASTLY increased, usually during rounds I feel a little winded but I literally felt nonchalant in between rounds which was a plus but new to me. I may use this as a pre sparring supp once in a while.
    PEScience Representative

  2. ... continued

    Quote Originally Posted by Ginandtonic View Post
    Took a scoop today, didn't get tired at all during work which never happens even if I drink 4 cups of coffee, didn't even have coffee at all today. Seriously geeked out and jittery but I love it, couldn't stop laughing and smiling all day long. 10 hours later and I can still feel the effects, crazy!
    Quote Originally Posted by halfhuman View Post
    Took my first dose this morning and I must say its an awesome first impression.
    1- taste was amazing. No lie there from PES
    2- Clean energy. No jittery feeling. Lasted throughout the whole workout.
    3- made me sweat like crazy. Wonder how cardio will go with this. On Monday I will test that out.
    4- pumps were good. I super setted on biceps and caught a minor cramp from to much pump. Lol. Went away quick though.
    5- overall great all around supp so far. Let's see how the whole 8 weeks goes.

    Good job PES

    Quote Originally Posted by halfhuman View Post
    My second day and I must say its even better. Today I felt my mood was super good. I took my morning dose and I felt so happy I kept talking to wifey and she was omg u talking a lot lmao. I was like its the Alphamine. Mood enhancement and energy is def one of the best features of it. Can't comment on fat burning and muscle prevention yet. We will see down the line.
    Quote Originally Posted by halfhuman View Post
    I'm telling u, this "Alphamine" is amazing. The first day I was amazed and the second day (today) even better. Now looking forward to the whole 8 weeks on what it can possibly do in the Long term. Lol it's hard not to start it. I wasn't going to start it till next spring and ended up just going for it and I def don't regret it. Just do it! Lol

    Quote Originally Posted by tnubs View Post
    Wasnt planning on opening mine up until my cut, but wanted to try something new for a pre workout. Im pretty stim tolerant. Usually use 2.5-3 scoops craze or 2 scoops white flood with a scoop of supersize. tried one scoop of alphamine ~25 minutes. This stuff feels different than anything else ive tried. I know its not supposed to be a pre workout, but it feels like my body is so energized and my mind hasnt been effected. Like jittery almost. I can usually sit perfectly still but i feel like i have to wiggle my feet/fidget around. Maybe ill try another half scoop in a few. This stuff is interesting!

    Quote Originally Posted by cubsfan815 View Post
    I tried one scoop from my buddy's container today.. Man I am mad that I decided not to order from insider email. I was worried that the stim would be too much, at 1 scoop I feel great so far. I sipped it over a 20min period, no jitters. I can say that I am sweating some just sitting at work.

    I will be ordering tonight, and I will slap myself for missing the alphamine and Abe stack on the insider

    Quote Originally Posted by southpaw23 View Post
    I tried Alphamine for the first time this morning. Two scoops and went on a fasted run. The energy is clean and I still feel a focused, calm energy while here at work. Can't wait to evaluate the results in about 3-4 weeks.

    Quote Originally Posted by desidude View Post
    I accidentally posted this in Kevinhy's thread instead of here, but I'll just copy and paste my impressions here.

    I got my fruit punch flavored Alphamine today. Finally! I have used OEP and AT2 both together and separately, so I have a pretty decent stim tolerance.

    Background: 5' 8.5" 156 pounds. BF: maybe 16-17%. I am a definite endo, storing fat mainly on my lower chest, lower abs, obliques, and butt. I was 190 -195 pounds of fatty fat fat in February/March, and decided to make a change. Pretty solid progress, but I'd like to eventually, for the love of God, get down to 10%. This isn't even my first transformation. I've lost major weight (like 50 pounds in 2 months) TWICE before throughout the years with very, very poor (read: Stacker 2 with a starvation diet) nutrition. Well, we all know what happens to people who go on extreme diets. I've made an actual healthy lifestyle change this time, and can't see why I can't keep it up forever. It's pretty easy when your food tastes awesome.

    Current Supps: I'm currently on day 24 of Erase Pro (love it) and day 12 of D-Pol (starting to see/feel the effects). I pretty much couldn't do anything in the gym for over a month because of horrible shoulder/neck pain. That is, until Super Cissus saved my life. I don't get any joint problems on Erase Pro either because of this. I also take fish oil, a multi, and will be back on kre alkalyn in another week or two.

    With ALL that out of the way, here are my first impressions of Alphamine:

    Man, the UPS guy got here at the perfect time, as this is when I would take my first dose of any thermo.
    Dose: 2 scoops
    Taste: This is the first flavored, powdered supplement (besides whey) that I have used in years. They all tasted awful to me. Alphamine is pretty good tasting. Definitely a plus in my book.
    Thermo Effect: I usually workout 90-120 minutes after my first meal, but today was an off day for me. That being said, I just sat in my chair, and was sweating pretty good.
    Energy: This stuff kicks in FAST. Normally I don't feel any energy or thermo effects of any fat burner until I've at least had my first meal. This kicked in maybe 15-20 minutes tops after ingestion. It wasn't as jittery as I feel on OEP or OEP + AT2, but it made me feel like doing something. Good feeling that lasted for quite a bit.
    Appetite Suppression: For MY needs, absolutely PERFECT. It was in between OEP (high suppression) and AT2 (mild suppression) for me. I'm pretty good about my nutrition, but occasionally, in between meals, I will have an extra craving here and there for some light carbs (yogurt, sugar free pudding, etc.). I didn't feel any of that AND I could easily enjoy my meals. This is the major problem I have with OEP. The food that I make tastes pretty darn good to me, but OEP suppresses my appetite so much, that it feels like it actually changes my taste buds. Everything tastes like crap, and I have a hard time even getting in 1500 calories in. Super suppression is great when you're ~25% BF trying to change your lifestyle, like I was in February. Once, you're no longer "dieting," but eating for your goals, super suppression can be detrimental. Alphamine hits the absolute sweet spot for me here. Fan-freaking-tastic!

    Dose: 1 scoop about 7 hours after the AM dose.
    Thermo: Still working up a pretty good sweat just sitting in my chair. Will see how it fares when I do my every other nightly sets of chinups and pushups in a few.
    Energy: Again, this kicked in pretty quickly. Good, clean energy. No jitters at all on one scoop.
    Appetite: Same as AM. Perfect.

    Can't wait to see how this run ends up. I am already thinking of ordering another tub based on the appetite suppression alone. Did I mention how perfect it is for me? Haha.
    Quote Originally Posted by BoneDaddy View Post
    Alphamine with Shift has turned me into 'that guy at the gym'. I've never sweated so damn much in my life. I now take 2 towels into the gym, and leave 1 on my car seat so I don't soak it on the way home. My laundry bill just went up.
    Quote Originally Posted by tsaati View Post
    Hey guys, just got my Alphamine! Took a scoop pre workout on an empty stomach and wow! I'm not even kidding best thermo I've ever used! Ive been around a lot of the supplements on the market and nothing compares in this aspect.

    Appetite suppression was up there with the best ive ever used, I got full off much smaller portions.

    During my workout I was drenched, and a little stronger... honestly one of the best overall supplement I've ever tried.

    I'll keep you guys updated, running it solo for 8 weeks, along with my staples.

    PES, I love you guys... seriously thank you guys so much for everything... you guys restored my faith in supplements. Anything I can do to help spread the word ill do!
    Quote Originally Posted by JonRubio View Post
    I've already lost 4lbs on alpha mine in like a week [IMG]file:///C:/Users/Ben/AppData/Local/Temp/msohtmlclip1/01/clip_image001.gif[/IMG]

    Quote Originally Posted by TonyGT View Post
    2 scoops Alphamine + 1 shift = hot and sweaty for hours lol
    Quote Originally Posted by TonyGT View Post
    Yup, I'm planing on running a full container. This first week has me sol on it haha. Also reading through your log and how much progress you made in 8 weeks has also interested me into 8 weeks of alphamine. But im taking a break off of it the weekend of 9/28. Cause I'm most likely going to Vegas for the olympias. Then starting a second tub of Alphamine when I get back haha.

    Quote Originally Posted by Sevens View Post
    Day 3 and I am not at all impressed with Alphamine...I am going to do you all a favor and PM you my address so that you can send me yours and I will save you from having to take it. [IMG]file:///C:/Users/Ben/AppData/Local/Temp/msohtmlclip1/01/clip_image002.gif[/IMG]

    Best pre workout I have tried so far. The thing that keeps coming up is that it is clean energy levels. I don't feel jittery or completely whacked out. I feel good, focused, energized. Mood elevation is there! Really digging it. I used 3/4 scoop the last couple days. Going to stay there for a week and then bump it up.
    Keep up the good work PES!!!
    Quote Originally Posted by Sevens View Post
    This morning at 430 AM I took a full scoop of Alphamine. First off it is really tasty like everyone is saying. Secondly, no shaker required just a quick stir with my spoon and there was zero residue at the bottom of the cup.
    Hit the gym at 450 for shoulder day. Went upstairs on got on an elliptical machine for warm up. I was already starting to feel it kicking in. 2 minutes in at a relatively slow pace the sweatshirt came off. I was def feeling the thermogenic effects fast. Sweating nicely and feeling very much awake. After warm up I banged out a nice shoulder routine, hit the sauna and showered. Got home and made my usual banana, protein, natural peanut butter, creatine and BCAA's! Normally by now I am ready to dig in and chow down again but I am only mildly hungry. Definitely feeling a bit of hunger suppression.

    Overall after 1 dose loving it. All though I have to say I wish I had gone half scoop or 3/4 scoop on the first day. Being totally fasted and doing a fasted workout it really had me amped up. Tomorrow morning I am going to go with 3/4 and see how that works for me on chest day. 4 hours after 1 scoop I am still feeling wide awake and energized. I did bring it with me to work just in case. Will post up more at the 6 hour mark.

    Quote Originally Posted by funkd0c View Post
    Tried alphamine for the first time today. Took it pre breakfast and had an hour crossfit workout afterwards. Clean energy and good thermo. Still feel warm and I took it at 8:30 this morning. Not jittery for me. I have a decent stim tolerance but not super high. Well worth the money. I will be turning my friends to this product for their weight loss goals.

    Quote Originally Posted by cubsfan815 View Post
    Same here, it really works for me. Just a few days in and it crushes my appetite. I'm someone who struggles with weight big time, I eat when bored, social eater etc. the last three days I have found myself at 500-700 calories by dinner time. That gives me about 1200-1400 calories for dinner time. I am also sweating 10x more than at2.. So far this is a hit for me.. I would list how much weight I have lost since Monday (water weight I'm sure) but people would say I'm full of $h1t
    Quote Originally Posted by cubsfan815 View Post
    OK ok I'll tell.. Monday I was 306.. Today 295 so 11lbs in basically 5 days. That is a lot for me, I walk by food and gain usually lol

    Quote Originally Posted by jwa254 View Post
    Alphamine Initial Impressions:

    So far this is only my second day of Alphamine so I can't comment on the "recomping" effects by any means but I can comment on what I've experienced.

    + Mental Clarity - Within 20 minutes of dosing a scoop (or two) of Alphamine, my brain is just clutter free. A nice euphoric feeling where I just feel absolutely great. I can see how this will really assist someone who is dieting heavy by keeping them in a good mood.

    + Thermo Effect - Once Alphamine starts to kick in, it feels like someone turned on a heater. You can feel the sweat setting up to pour.

    + Clean Energy Boost - No jitters here (not with one scoop, not with two scoops). Instead, Alphamine provides a nice motivational "oomph" to your step. Combined with the mental clarity, this stuff will have you wanting to do something productive.

    + Mixability- Three stirs and it's ready to drink. Nothing else left to say.

    I'm sure there will be more benefits noticed as my run continues. I'd like to also throw out that so far from my experience the appetite suppression isn't a "I don't feel like eating anything" suppression, but more of a "I fixed way too much food. There's no way I can eat all of this" suppression. You may not notice it until you're half way into a meal and then you'll have to break out the tupperware or aluminum foil (aluminium foil if you're Ben).
    PEScience Representative

  3. :-) good stuff Ben!
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  4. Quote Originally Posted by LiveToLift
    :-) good stuff Ben!
    Yup a lot of people seem to love it.
    Hardcore Purus Labs {Rep}
    Lift the fücking weight from the floor, or leave it on the ground. The thoughts are supposed to be daunting. The pain is meant to be tormenting.

  5. Haha like my quote and it is very true stuff turns me into a porn star. Very slowly building up tolerance to the Yohimbe. Like I mentioned earlier, too much still gives me anxiety but none of the feel horrible want to puke nausia that I would get with other forms. Plus, 3/4 of a scoop gives me a good, focused energy that lasts me all day at work so I will be getting a ton out of this bottle. Having a versatile powder to customize dosing is the greatest thing to ever happen to fat burners. Gave some samples to my buddies and a girl I know training for a figure comp. and 4/5 of them all bought a tub within the first week of trying. Congrats yall.

  6. It is nice to know people rate it from one sample serving.

    Originally when we created Alphamine our goal was something that was aimed at fat loss rather than cramming as many stimulants into the product as possible. We wanted the ingredients to be cutting edge for body composition purposes and not aimed at just making someone feel cracked out.

    Essentially this meant we had a long term fat loss product rather than something that just gave an immediate bang and nothing more.
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  7. This stuff sounds awesome!
    Life's a garden, dig it

  8. Quote Originally Posted by niners4reggie View Post
    This stuff sounds awesome!
    Easily my favourite fat burner/stim

  9. I've been looking for something new. I have to give it a try.
    Life's a garden, dig it

  10. Quote Originally Posted by niners4reggie View Post
    I've been looking for something new. I have to give it a try.
    YOu won't be disappointed.

  11. Just got my first crack at Alphamine....great taste...impressive energy-no crash, impressive appetite suppression, thermo evident..looking forward to dosing before the gym!

  12. Its crack ninja!!!


  13. Quote Originally Posted by JoHNnyNuTZ View Post
    Its crack ninja!!!
    There's and APB out in my neighborhood for a Ninja on crack

  14. Quote Originally Posted by R-Mac View Post
    Just got my first crack at Alphamine....great taste...impressive energy-no crash, impressive appetite suppression, thermo evident..looking forward to dosing before the gym!
    Good luck with it. If you liked the first dose it is a positive indication of things to come.
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