Alpha T2 with Adderall

  1. Alpha T2 with Adderall

    I know you may not be able to comment due to the nature of the question but I'll ask just in case. I have national boards approaching and will be using my prescription of adderall to aid in the studying. However, I am currently running alpha t2 with ECA and loving the results. I would drop the ECA if using the adderall but I have read somewhere that a thyroid enhancer such as the 3,3 stacked with a strong stim can cause some heart issues. I am just wondering if you thought this would be okay or if you would avoid this? On a side note, I actually get more of a stimmed out feeling from OEP then 20mg of adderall, that stuff is insane so the fact that alpha t2 with oep is a recommended stack, i dont see this being a problem but again rather ask and be safe then sorry.

  2. It would be extremely na´ve of me to give medical advice without a MD or Pharmacist at the end of my name.

    Ask your doctor. He should understand the mechanisms of Alpha-T2 and how they will interact with your prescription.

    Methyl-syn is a beta-agonist
    Alpha-yoh is a alpha-2 antagonist
    T2 is a thyroid upregulator.
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