Bronkaid dosing in an ECA/ECY stack

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    A little update everyone. This is my last week on the EC stack. This will be my 8th week. At the 6 week point I took a 2 day break. I weigh about 173 lbs. My bf has gone down to atleast 14-16%. Im still going to cut but not with the EC stack. Atleast for a month. I got really good results and I could of cut down allot more but I paid real close attention my diet and only went a few hundred calories deficient from my maintenance, making sure I wouldnt lose muscle.

    Im going to be taking bendryl starting next week, for a week strait to refresh my receptors. Anyone know how much I should take a night?
    You should be fine with 1...maybe 2 but def no more than that. Try it for about a week and take a stim...if if gets ur juices flowing your good to go!
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  2. Hey guys, I got a simliar question. I have some nutraplanet yohimbine HCL powder on the way. I have been off slim xtreme for about 3-4 weeks now, just having some energy drinks and vasocharge before workout. How much should I dose the powder yohimbine, I got the 200mg of caffeine, 25mg of bronkaid. Would it be beneficial or overkill to add in the 81mg of baby aspirin at the sme time? Thanks, looking to start this on sunday or monday.



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