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  1. How are you feeling? We have similar lifting styles . I like to go heavy w lower reps on my first exercise then hit them w drops and SS. Looking good man .

  2. Quote Originally Posted by Marsh1116 View Post
    How are you feeling? We have similar lifting styles . I like to go heavy w lower reps on my first exercise then hit them w drops and SS. Looking good man .
    I need to go a little heavy or I feel that im not making progress!
    I have a friend who only lifts enough for "the pump" and has 25lbs on me (might be his 1000mg kickstart to 700mg of test vs my 500mg lol)

    I will post an update tomorrow @ the 21 day mark

    Hit chest earlier but my GF wanted to do "booty and cardio" (2 four letter words in my book). So I went back and couldn't be bothered doing cardio…

    Standing Alt Dbell Curl superset with seated dbell curl
    4x8 and 4x10

    Hanging Curl (Arnold Style) superset with seated hammer curl
    4x8 and 4x12

    HS Preacher Curl stripset (25lb plates used)
    3x 4-3-2-1 (1 plate done single arm)

    EZ Curl superset to one arm dbell preacher dropset (THE BURNNN)
    3x12 and 3x8 drop 12

    Straight Bar cable curl superset with one arm cable curl
    3x12 and 3x10

    GF still had 15min left of cardio

    Seated Calf Raise
    4x 45x AMRAP (reps slow, controlled, held at the top)
    2x90x AMRAP
    2x single leg to both legs X AMRAP

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  3. 21 Day Progress Report:

    1. Weight up 6-7lbs
    2. Feeling a little tighter (mix of carb cycle and var)
    3. A little lethargic, probably due to the Ipam/CJC; however, it's not effecting workouts just the time between workouts!
    4. Strength increased slightly, moreso muscular endurance than strength (can do an extra set or extra movement/exercise)
    5. No PIP since first quad pins (wish I could pin delts all the time SO EASY)
    6. Elbow seems to be recovering a little quicker after pushing days (shoulder, tricep, chest)
    7. Brachioradialis is still touchy after pulling days (back, bicep)
    8. The slight headaches after each dose of Var are almost non existent
    9. The ipam headache/rush is minimal, kinda just feel "funny" for 15-20min after
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  4. Epic fail today: brought peptides in a cooler with an icepack to the gym. Went to grab the slin pin after the workout. They were frozen inside hahaha!!!


    Back Day

    T Bar Row (45lb plates used)
    2 Warm Ups x 1
    1-2-3-4 rest 4 rest 4-3-2-1 (on last set of 1 plate did 1 arm rows, holding the end of the pole)

    Barbell Row (3/4 reps, not letting arms go to full hang, focused on squeezing the scapulae together)

    HS High Row (45 lb plates used)
    1x4-3-2-1 (on last set of 1 plate held the arms not the handles)

    Incline Bench Dbell Row superset with bent over dbell row
    3x70 and 3x45

    (a weird one) Bent Over HS Shrug Row (facing forward) superset with facing away
    1 plate each arm
    3x15 and 3x15

    Wide Grip Lat Pull superset with Reverse Grip/Close Grip Lat Pull
    3x10 and 3x12

    V Grip Lat Pull superset with Straight Arm Pushdowns
    3x15 and 3x12

    CG Seated Cable Row
    2x ¾ of the stack
    1x full stack (ehhhh not the best or cleanest set of my life hahaha)

    Went a little bit lighter on the second exercises of the supersets to try and squeeze and flex at the bottom of each movement.

    DIET (High Carb)
    Cals: 2627
    Pro: 263g ~40%
    Cho:294g ~45%
    Fat:40g ~14%

    Protein was a little high for my "high carb" day. I essentially want to get the carbs up to 350-400g. I find it hard to eat that much. My appetite isn't great and I can eat OFTEN but not HUGE PORTIONS.
    Im fine with 8oz of chicken with salsa and maybe a small side salad.

    on high carb days I cut the protein sources back by 2-3 oz and eliminate the side salad and add in ~6oz sweet potato.
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  5. Yesterday:

    Morning cardio

    Down to my buddy's beach condo rental and hit the gym down there. (Arms of course as my friend is a worshiper or rich piana)

    The arm workout was nuts and I was still a little tight from the last few upper body days but the elbow kept up pretty well!

    Then bought a new car whoop whoop!!!!


    hitting cardio now. Then hammys in the afternoon.
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  6. Hit hammys and calves yesterday a few hours after morning cardio. Low carb (<50g) yesterday

    Waiting for the gym to open for today's morning cardio. But it's high carb day!!!
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  7. Chest today with HIGH CARB DAY

    Macros so far:
    cals: 2780
    pro: 236g 34%
    cho: 307g 45%
    fat: 66g 21%

    Fat was higher than I wanted but a buddy came over so made some grilled PORK loin chops with a sautéed onion, apple, chipotle topping!
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  8. Kept carbs around 125-150 yesterday for Leg Day (quads) worked slowly up to 315 on squat (first time in 4 weeks since lower back pain). Lower back felt ok, not 100% but I was happy to get squats in regardless of weight!

    Shoulders today, another awesome shoulder workout with some traps thrown in at the end.
    will keep carbs medium 125-150 today again. Tomorrow low/no carbs <50g on back day (Wednesday) and then high carb 300+ on Thursday.

    Side Effects: a few spots of acne on my Lats. Mixed witch hazel and crushed aspirin tabs to put on 2x a day.
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  9. Sounds like everything is going well!

    Elaborate on that acne treatment ?

  10. Quote Originally Posted by Marsh1116 View Post
    Sounds like everything is going well! Elaborate on that acne treatment ?
    Tryin to get to it before it gets bad. Prob being over protective but better safe than sorry

    1 bottle of witch hazel
    5 crushed up 325mg aspirin
    2 dalacin -c caps poured in (antibiotic my girl mixed with her face cream and totally whipped out her acne)

    Shake it up and apply with a cotton pad (the kind girls use to take off make up)

    Usually I do AM cardio then shower then apply the witch hazel mix

    Then post workout shower in the afternoon/evening and the witch hazel again before bed
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  11. Very Hungry today for some reason.

    Cals: 2980
    Pro: 353g
    Cho: 134g
    Fat: 109g

    Fat was a little high. Threw some pepperjack cheese and salami in my salad with my steak dinner. SO GOOD!
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  12. Back day
    Gym was a little busy today so did my workout out of my usual order but was still able to keep the weights heavy on lifts that I usually start with.

    Gonna hit a little cardio and abs tonight

    Arms tomorrow with my buddy then hammys on Friday
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  13. Good thing I'm just doing cardio and abs this session or else nicole Wilkins would be shoeing me up as she's doin to everyone lifting right now!
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  14. Back yesterday with low carb <50g
    Arms today with high carb 300g+

    hit AM calves and 15min cardio

    tomorrow gonna do a double day as my friend wants to hit chest in the AM, but I need to get hammys in sometime also!
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  15. only have a few days left of anavar

    Hit chest this morning and hammys in the afternoon.

    High carb yesterday and medium high today ~200g (cause I lifted twice)

    The plan:
    Saturday will be 1 carb meal. Back Day
    Gonna hit Black Angus with my buddy!

    Sunday low Shoulders
    Monday low/no Quads
    Tuesday High Chest
    Wednesday low Back
    Thursday low Hammys
    Friday High (buddys wedding) Arms
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  16. What were your thoughts on the var?

  17. Quote Originally Posted by Marsh1116 View Post
    What were your thoughts on the var?
    I'm tryin to get my hands on 2 weeks more var to run it for 6 weeks

    I think if I were to buy Var again I'd run it the last 6 weeks of a cycle when the test is fully kicked in instead of the first 6 weeks.

    Or I'd run it with Test P on a cut instead of a recomp/lean bulk as I'm doing now.

    I liked the in gym vascularity the Var gave, and I'm just starting to see more out of gym vascularity now (and I'm almost out FML haha). As I've said before it also helped me lift heavier weights in the middle of my workout.

    Still undecided if I'm going to run Epi or Winny the last 6 weeks!
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  18. Hit morning cardio 20min and abs

    This afternoon hit back and had a huge pump. One of the best back days in a while

    Gonna grub on some black angus tonight!!!
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  19. Dropped my girl off at her posing/training session and had an hour of free time sooooo skipped morning cardio and hit shoulders (no way I coulda survived 1hr of cardio haha)

    Will go back this afternoon and hit quads after I get a few meals in

    The little acne I had seems to have stopped in its tracks. Still 3-4 red dots on each lat and 2 around the shoulders/traps but no more have formed and they aren't getting bigger.

    Been rainy and gloomy the last 2 days so couldn't tan to try n fry them off. Hopefully the sun is out tomorrow so I can burn them away!
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  20. <75g of carbs today

    Hit shoulders this morning and quads this afternoon.
    Lower back was hurting a bit again, probably just sore from yesterday (back day) and the day before (hammys: dbell RDL and barbell RDL)

    Gonna switch 1 ipam/cjc injection to IM in my forearm/elbow post workout.
    The AM and pre bed dose will still be shot Sub Q in the abdomen or lower back area
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  21. Chest this morning. Will try and find time to hit calves and cardio tonight. Either in the gym or head to the park for plyos and jumps n things like that
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  22. Hit a very short morning cardio. Just did a warm up lap around a local lake/pond for about .88 miles haha then barked orders and trained my gf tabatha style. She's gonna hit a few bikini shows (4)every 2 weeks starting next week.

    Hit back this afternoon. Head wasn't really in it today, but still put in work.

    Supposed to be high carb but haven't had much of an appetite today. Will make up for it in the next few meals hopefully!
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  23. Out of anavar
    Couldn't get my hands on any more to run it for 6 weeks.

    Will throw in winny the last 6 weeks (week 8-14, until the day before pct)

    Thinking I'm holding a little extra water even with carb cycling so bumping up Arimidex to .75 EOD

    Hit quads this morning. Back still not 100% so stayed at 315 on squat. Happy with hack squat and hit a triple of 5 -45lb plates and 1-25lb on each side

    Arms tomorrow and shoulders Friday (high carb/ friends wedding)
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  24. Did a little AM cardio 2x around that lake/pond

    Hit arms in the gym. Vascularity for days

    Changed "brands" or I guess sources for Test E. I trust both sources (the previous and the new) but my newest source wanted me to jump on his gear instead of waiting til my second cycle.

    Low carbs today.

    Lower back has been pretty tender from this week. Will give hammys a go on Saturday but will only do one of either barbell RDL or dbell RDL instead of both like last week.
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  25. Shoulders yesterday and medium carbs. Buddy had a taco /Mexican bar section at his wedding so grubbed on chicken fajitas all night!

    Went high carb today and hit hammys in the gym. Musta been dehydrated cause I cramped on my 2nd warmup set! Stretched it out and did 2x as many warm ups after and felt pretty good throughout.

    Went light on RDL but did it deficit style with different foot positions and high reps (15ish)

    Gonna diet a little differently this week as my gf is going to compete in her first bikini competition. I told her id do a "peak week" diet with her to make cooking easy and not make her feel bad by eating food she's not allowed.
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  26. Backloaded slin pins to pin delts yesterday .5ml in each delt and noticed that some oil leaked out of the hole this time??

    Did I not push in deep enough?

    Should I pin an extra .25ml on Thursday to make up for any lost gear?
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  27. [QUOTE="smshannon001;4600170"]Backloaded slin pins to pin delts yesterday .5ml in each delt and noticed that some oil leaked out of the hole this time?? Did I not push in deep enough? Should I pin an extra .25ml on Thursday to make up for any lost gear?[/

    Was back loading the slin pin a pain in the d*ck?

  28. I've done it before and it's not too bad. There's literally no PIP or soreness or bruising the next day.

    1. Draw up the test 1ml with 3cc syringe. Cap the needle.
    2. Take out an alcohol swab and lay it flat.
    3. Remove the plungers from the slin pins and lay their separated ends on the alcohol swab.
    4. One at a time fill the slin pins with the 3cc syringe in equal amounts. So here .5ml in each slin pin.
    5. Reinsert the plunger and tap the bubbles out and push the plunger til there is 1 drop of test oil on the needle. Inject.

    I like it for delts as I can put a small (and equal) amount in each side without using a big needle.
    The slin pin also forces me to inject slow. Even if you try and press that plunger hard, it can only go so fast!

    This is the first time I had a little leak of oil. I think my problem was not pressing the needle against the skin hard enough to make sure the oil was deep.
    Back to quads tomorrow!
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  29. What size needle?

  30. Quote Originally Posted by thyrod View Post
    What size needle?
    For back loading:
    The slin pin is 29 or 30G

    For usual:
    I usually draw with a 20G (preattached to the 3cc syringe)
    And replace the 20G to shoot with 22 or 23 G
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