A new chapter...RickRock's path on the "DARK SIDE" begins...

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  1. A new chapter...RickRock's path on the "DARK SIDE" begins...

    After a lot of planning i will be running my first Injectible cycle. I have done a few PH cycles over the last year and a half or so, and I feel its time for me to take my physique to the next level. Here is the plan...

    CYCLE: Test E-500mg per week 1-12 (250mg 2x week)
    Masteron E-500mg per week 1-12 (250mg 2x week
    Epi- 45 to 60mg per day week 1-6
    (unspecified oral possibly on week 7-12….maybe furuza?)
    HCGen ran the whole cycle

    *I had originally planned to have NPP in this cycle, but decided to leave it out. I think for my first run it would be a good idea to just run the Test and Masteron and see how I respond. I plan to probably run the NPP in late winter when it will be time for my next cycle.

    I have all thea supports on hand that I should need including Taurine and Cissus for back pumps and joints. I have both Adex and Letro on hand for my AI’s, but I’m hoping to be able to go without any AI until I add in the Forma at around the midway point of this 12 week cycle.

    I also have albuterol that I will be using on cardio days only, and only dosed before cardio. This should hopefully keep there from being any down-regulation of beta receptors

    TRAINING: Ive decided to go with DC training and give it a shot for this cycle. I’ve never done it before and it has a great track record of working well for increasing muscle mass and strength. The basics are that it is 3 exercises per bodypart rest-paused 3 times each (Example: use weight heavy enough to complete 7-10 reps with slow controlled negatives….rest, pause 11-15 breaths….do another 4 reps or so…..rest, pause……then another 2 reps or so) That gets followed up with some specific extreme stretches to stretch the fascia to further prmotoe muscle growth. I will workout do 4 weight workouts per week set up like this…

    Workout 1: (chest, shoulders, triceps)
    Workout 2: (Biceps, forearms, Back Width, Back Thickness)
    Workout 3: (Calves, Hamstrings, Quads)
    Workout 4: (repeat of whatever was worked out on workout 1)

    *Then the following week, workout 2 would be the first workout of the week that would be repeated on workout 4, and so on…

    On all days that I am not weight training I will be doing cardio of anywhere from 30 minutes up to 60-70 minutes depending on time and needs. I sometimes also split my cardio into AM & PM sessions

    GOAL: My goal is to add as much muscle as I can initially for the first weeks, without gaining much, if any, bodyfat. I will probably be on this “Lean bulk” portion for the first 6 weeks or so, then I will switch to more of a “recomp” or “Cut” depending on where I am at physically. Then I will be lowering some cals, adding some more cardio, and adding in Forma to shed water and dry out. I may also add in a cutting oral that I haven’t yet decided too for the last few weeks. The plan is at the end of the 12 weeks to be more ripped, harder, and shredded than now while carrying a respectable more amount of muscle mass. Everything is always subject to change, but that is my initial plan.

    DIET: I will be continuing to follow the IF/Lean gains protocol that I have been for some time, with a little twist…On workout days I will be going with just a 12 hour fast, instead of the traditional 16. This will allow me to have a meal immediately post workout instead of just BCAAs. This will help with the muscle growth and more protein synthesis post workout. That post workout meal will be 2 scoops of whey, Waxy maize and/or maltodextrin, a protein bar, and possibly a banana. This will be around 700-800 cals at around 70g protein with 70-80g carbs. I will then have my normal big meal at noon like I always have. Once I enter my recomp or cutting phase, I will revert back to a 16 hour fast on workout days. Caloric targets for workout days and cardio days will look like this…

    Week 1-6
    Workout days: 3500 cals, 300 protein, 250-300g carbs
    Cardio days: 2200 cals, 250g protein, <100g carbs

    Weeks 7-12
    Workout days: 2800 cals, 250g protein, 200g carbs
    Cardio days: 1800 cals, 250g protein, <50g carbs

    Clomid 50/50/50/50
    Post cycle

    I will get my current pics up soon. I'm currently at 165 and around 6% bodyfat

    Join me as I take a walk on the "DARK SIDE"...

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  2. Damn sweet cycle and awesome training split! And seeing how you have the most intense cardio sessions I have seen here this WILL be a lean bulk!! Kill it Rick! I'm in!!
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  3. Damn Dude, You know im in, mostly because im jealous though


  4. Awe sh1t! I'm in! This is going to be sick!
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  5. I've read stuff on dc training. It looks good and I've wanted to try it. Do any of you guys know of a video on utube or something that explains it more?

  6. In bishes!

  7. Thanks for joining guys. Im pretty sure its going to be a lot of fun!
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  8. Subbed.
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    Hmmm...does this guy even know what he's getting into? What are your stats, bro? You should probably just run Cell Tech for your first cycle...

    In to follow, bud. You've done your homework and things are laid out incredibly. I look forward to seeing you through this.
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  10. Im in
    You are born small and weak, you die small and weak...How you look in-between is entirely up to you...

  11. In. Fuggin' kill it!
    I'm just a dude chasing a dream

  12. I'm not here, you never saw me, and I am certainly not subbing to this.

    Or am I?
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  13. In for sure. Good luck, bro

  14. Hyyyyyello!
    I like the before pics.
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  15. Quote Originally Posted by FL3X MAGNUM View Post
    I like the before pics.
    He's pretty good looking in them, I see a lot of improvements.

  16. If it was only as easy as saying "yes" I'd be shooting dark lightning outta my freaking ass by now....

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  17. Deff Inn

  18. In like Flynn!
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  19. Following the Yellow Brick Road...
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  20. I'm in cuz I like steroids

  21. Thanks to everyone that has joined up so far. I really love having you all in my logs for motivation, support, and feedback ( both positive and negative). I'm going to need it to make this as successful as I can

    Ok...here are my most current pics taken just a few days ago that I will call my starting pics. Current weight has been around 165 so we will call that my starting weight. Last time I checked bodyfat I came up with 6-6.5%. Starting height is 5'9"

    First pin is tomorrow morning along with my first DC workout

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    Why you wearin shorts?
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  23. In, good luck Rick. How could i not sub to this!

  24. Oh snap. Looks like I will have to watch this carefully.
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  25. Subbed kill it my ninja


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